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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Project #1. Check.

Books. We have so many! And while I'm tempted to apologize for the ridiculous amount, I just cannot bring myself to it. I love our library! Love it!

Hey look there's me! And Sam-in-the-belly. And books.

Hey look here's more books (uh...they are organized in piles here...I promise!)

Hey look some made it to Lily's bookshelf!

Hey look some made it to this one, too! (Classics and some of our favorite fictions and non.)

And these! (Bibles and theology and DVDs)

I didn't really know what to do with this shelf upstairs. I think it's actually supposed to be a desk of sorts cause it has outlets and such, but I decided this works for now.

Not pictured: the books that didn't fit on the shelves :o) And the large pile of books that I'm hoping to convince the hubs we DON'T need! Wish me luck on that one! :o)

The end. Project #1 was easy to finish because it was a visible one. I was tired of looking at empty bookshelves every day. So this one was easy to get motivated and done. But the closet under the stairs is easy to forget about :o)

Oh and we got some of our picture frames up! I put new pics in (mostly of family cause I miss and love them sooooo much!) and they're all black and white...Alex and Beth would tell me it looks classy I hope :o) What is it about putting pictures up that makes you feel *truly* moved in?

Well I'm off to check on the still sick baby (who I think is up and calling for me!) Her cold is getting better...she's coughing a lot at night but still sleeping pretty good. And we're still enjoying this loooooong weekend with Daddy! :o) I hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend, too!

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  1. Yeah... good luck with that! (convincing Jesse you don't *need* the books) ;)