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Monday, September 13, 2010


If there was ever a Monday to look forward to, it is today. Mondays usually stink...getting back into the boring weekly routine...sending the hubs back to a whole day of school and other such duties...


The sun is shining, it's not even that hot, and our new bed is supposed to be delivered today. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up (veeeery hard for me) because I called the store this morning and they said the truck hasn't *actually* come in, yet. I was quite disappointed to hear that it "usually" comes in Monday or Tuesday at the latest...because we were definitely told it'd come in today. Boo. Boo to you Lucky's Furniture Store. But I'm not losing all hope...the day is NOT over! And my back can't take the disappointment of looking forward to another night on the canoe-bed.

I'm making homemade yogurt today. Katie promises it isn't hard and I trust her not to lead me astray. It's been on my list to try this sucker out ever since I read about it on her blog. Then I started researching how good it is for you to eat yogurt. And then LJ started eating it and her and I alone go through a whole big container ever week...with me rationing it out so it lasts...and this is definitely cheaper. If I can learn to make it myself and it's really as easy as Katie says, then we can eat it more liberally and get more of the health benefits from it! I want to try some other fun recipes like cucumber yogurt dip and ranch dressing dip (Jesse's been taking ranch as a dip for veggies for lunch)...and yogurt cheese looks interesting. Anyone have any other yummy ways to use yogurt? I absolutely love it with fruit and homemade granola (which reminds me...I'm out) but that can get old after awhile!

The new book I'm reading is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and it's all about going back to eating the way people did (more or less) before processed food and the food industry had such a main role in our diet. I like her thoughts so far...it really goes along with how I've been thinking in the past year about our food choices. I want to eat more whole foods...foods that resemble as close as possible how God created them to be eaten. Less processed stuff. This book is technically a cookbook, so that's cool. But she has tons of info and intros to everything.

I'm also reading Heaven, by Randy Alcorn. I started it awhile ago and need to devote more time each week to working through it. But so far I love it and it's really challenging me in my thinking of forever. I confess that I had a bit of a lame view of Heaven...if I even thought of it at all! His explanation of scripture is really igniting me the excitement we should have about an eternity face to face with an awesome God...an eternity where we get to enjoy a New Earth, learning and creating and giving glory to God in a way we can't even come close to here and now! I'm super excited because now I think that Heaven will be a place where I'll get to more fully enjoy the good things that I enjoy now...like reading and cooking and learning! I'll get to learn and grow in my knowledge of things and praise God for all that I'm able to learn. God created books and learning and my love for them...so why shouldn't I get to partake of that unhindered in Heaven?

And I'm *sure* there will be pumpkin spice lattes in Heaven! :o)

Okay, baby's nap is over and it's time to get us some lunch!


  1. I'm smiling to myself as I read about how you're rationing out yogurt while waiting for your new California King Bed and sheets and covers to arrive. Is there an unfortunate yogurt shortage in Biloxi of which I've been unaware? Does it cost more than $3 for a large container? JUST TEASING! I'm going to be making my own yogurt too, but I'm doing it because I buy the $4 a container probiotic kind for Jeremy and he goes through more than one a week. That does get a little pricey. Not ration-it-out-pricey, but definitely a little extra each week. Also, I'll be investing $15 into a yogurt machine. Its fool-proof and I don't really like smoothies enough to gag runny yogurt down. You're better than me.

  2. Oh Hil, you're so witty! ;o) And you know how I roll...be cheap where you can so you can splurge where you want! My Brother says I live in the Depression Era. Anyways, I got your message, sorry I didn't get it till it was too late to call...you're MOVING? Do tell!