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Monday, September 13, 2010

To Wean or Not to Wean?

That is the question. Okay, not really. I guess the question in actually "When to Wean?" because I definitely WILL be weaning Lily (I mean, I can't nurse the kid till she's 5) I'm just not sure when exactly.

I know, you're looking at the pictures of my belly and wondering what the dilemma is...I mean Sam's due date is in 3 months! SO wean the kid and get it over with right?

I thought it would be that simple. But it's not for me! When Lily was born, I wanted to nurse her at least a year if it was going well. Then Sam came into existence and I wasn't really sure anymore that going the full year was a good idea. My fear is that waiting till it's close to Sam being born (they'll be about 13 months apart if she comes on time) will cause issues with LJ being jealous. So I'd decided that ten months seemed like a good time to wean her because then she'd have a good three months to *forget* about it...(how good are baby's memories at this point, anyways?)...

...Uh, Lily is 10 months now. Almost 10.5...and I'm still not making a move to make her quit. Oops.

Okay, so the decision comes down to a lot more than I thought. I love the snuggle time. She loves it. I don't want to give it up. She probably won't care...or maybe she will and it will turn into a big battle. Then there are days when it's annoying because she's distracted and fussy about it. She's finally mastering the sippy cup now so I'm not as worried about how she'll get liquids. And then I think how nice it would be to get a little break before Sam. And yes, I am a freak and have totally considered tandem nursing...but I just don't think I'll have the energy (or the logistical planning capabilities!) to see that one through. Ugh so bottom line, I've gotta cut her off before the middle of November...but maybe I'll just cut her down to morning and night only...or just night? Or maybe I'll make her quit cold turkey(ish) around her birthday? Or maybe I just won't worry about it and see what happens. (Ha...I'm not really that kind of parent!)

Enough about breastfeeding, Jessica, you're freaking the guys out.

Fast facts:

-Tonight is hopefully our last night sleeping on our piece of crap bed :o) New mattress comes tomorrow!

-Jesse was at the base late last week, and will be again this week, because he's doing "drill" for "parade". My limited AF understanding of this is as follows..."drill" is that cool marching in formation thing, and "parade" is where their squadron representatives do..."drill"...? :o) Sorry, that probably wasn't helpful. But basically he's getting involved and doing cool things and even though I see less of him I know it's good stuff. And we might get to go see "parade" on Thursday.

-After last weekend's brioche-bummer, this weekend's apple strudel bread got a "definitely approve" from the hubs.

-There is no canned pumpkin to be found around here. Anywhere. I want to make pumpkin pie cheesecake and brioche people! And homemade pumpkin spice lattes! But CAN I??? NOOOO! (Something to do with a frost last year and a shortage this year) Bahumbug. I guess I'll have to buy a pumpkin spice candle and be patient for pumpkin harvesting season to get here.

-It's been really hot the past two days. Like waterfall-under-my-arms-hot again. (I know, too much info!) But someone from my squadron promised that the humidity goes waaaay down at the end of September and I believe her because she seemed too sweet to lie to me!

-The dragon flies are HUGE and hover-y down here. Jesse tried to hit one with the car today...don't worry, we were in a parking lot as we dangerously swerved around after it :o)

-Lily's definitely done being sick. I forgot to mention that. She's been fine now for a few days...just some snots here and there.

Well, I'm off to clean up the kitchen, iron Jesse's blues (they have to wear their dress uniform on Mondays), and probably read before conking out. Oh, and laundry...gotta keep it going even if I don't fold it till tomorrow! :o)


  1. so funny about the canned pumpkin - i just was reading about that this morning!! time to find some pumpkins and make our own!! :)

  2. Yeah this is one time when seasonality is a bit of a bummer..."you mean I actually have to WAIT till the pumpkins are ripe? Grrrr" :o)