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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Airman's Attic

Yesterday Jesse and I finally discovered the wonderful "Airman's Attic" at the base. We've known about it for awhile, but the hours are tough for us so we haven't really explored it yet.

It's basically a thrift store. A free thrift store. FREE! So this whole basket of stuff...FREE! Jesse and I both got a pair of barely used sneakers! FREE!

Lily got a pile of clothes...including some fun holiday stuff...FREE!

I got a pair of maternity jeans, a pretty top, and a cute dress...FREE!

Bibs to catch the soon-to-be-doubled amounts of spit up and drool around here...FREE!

Sam got a laundry basket for her room...FREE! And there's the beautiful big sis :o) Not pictured: a black clutch to replace my cheapo-Walmart-falling-apart-one. Did I mention it was FREE? Oh, and Jesse got a cool, FREE pair of plaid shorts!

It felt so weird to just be collecting stuff...and then to walk out with it...FREE! I don't know if all bases have this type of thing, but it's SO COOL! People donate stuff and it's only for us "poor people" (those who are low on the enlistment totem pole!). We're hoping to visit it every few weeks and maybe we'll score a dresser for Sammy-girl!


  1. sounds like my kinda place! hey have you heard of freecyle? Local (you choose what's local) and register to get email from others who have stuff they are giving away...you can get off the list anytime. I have read offers for everything from childrens clothing, desks, toys, bikes, shelves, dressers.... the interested in receiving party responds via email to the giver and if it hasn't been taken already, the giver usually responds with more specific directions and leaves the item at their door or driveway so you don't even know who is offering the item/s. Usually a quick thank you email is sufficient after it's been picked up. anyway, so glad you guys received such a blessing!
    love love love

  2. I noticed a "Happy Halloween" shirt for Lily. I would like you to burn it :-). I will send you a "Happy Reformation Day!" shirt when I find one. What's her size now a days?

  3. Toni: Yeah I've heard of freecycle but never really checked it out. I should. Thanks for reminding me of a yet-to-be-discovered-gem. I'll let you know how my hunt for a dresser goes ;o)

    Steph: You make me laugh. A lot. And she HAS to wear orange and black on Halloween cause we're handing out candy to all the little AF kids in our neighborhood! :o) I'm thinking about doing my orange pumpkin-belly again! But if you want to send us a reformation day shirt, she can wear that. Size 10-12 months. Festive, please. Love you.