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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pizza Night

Pizza night is becoming a weekly thing. I'm considering making it more often than that because I LOVE how fast and easy and healthy and delicious it is to make homemade pizza!

Shout out to Mike and Cassie Logue for buying me a baking stone and pizza peel last Christmas...I use them every week at least once, sometimes up to three or four times! I use it for so much more than pizza! And it's amazing! :o)

Shout out to Hilary Clark for introducing me to this book and method of homemade bread-making. Once I tried it, I couldn't go back! No-knead dough is simply the best for me! I now have dough waiting in my fridge (most of the time)...ready at a moment's notice to be turned into bread, rolls, pitas, breadsticks, treats, and...pizza!

Back to pizza. This was tonight's... my usual is veggie cause I always have at least spinach and onions around. Jesse likes me to go crazy and toss some pepperoni on there...but I didn't tonight because the last time I did it gave me heartburn...blech. Anyways...I just love how I can pop some dough out of the fridge, throw some stuff on it, pop it in the oven for 15 minutes (after a 30 minute preheat for the stone), and BAM! PIZZA! DINNER! The family rejoices! The Mommy rejoices! The prep and clean up is so easy!

Now I get to use the time saved slaving over homemade pizza cleaning up my new mess that is Lillian Jayce. (See video on facebook...it was taking WAY too long to upload here!)


  1. First of all, that pizza looks amazing. Second of all, I'm so glad you love that dough. I do too! I just made a batch of the brioche too!! It's in the fridge right now, but I'm afraid to use it because I accidentally left it out overnight. Do you think it went bad? I was going to make the pear tartin and the apple strudel too!!

  2. Aww thanks! And yeah I'm not sure about the dough...I think I would chance it because of how long you'll be baking it. But it's your family you might be poisoning ;o) so totally your call!

  3. I'm totally buying that book! Derrick is excited about going "hippie" on the food end of things. Not so much on the making your own deodorant end. I'll win him over slowly. ;)

  4. Yeah Jesse picked on me the other day about my homemade deo. He said, "Hey there's a coupon here for deodorant if you want to buy yourself some!" :o) He's oh so sweet.