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Monday, October 4, 2010

Biiiiiiig Belly

My belly button has that stretched out, lived in look. Cancel that, my BELLY has that stretched out, lived in look. 32 weeks now. Wanna know how to make a pregnancy fly by really fast? First, wait about five minutes in between your first and second kid...this ensures that you're crazy busy with a pre-toddler. Next, have your husband sign up for the Air Force and get set up to leave for Texas right in the beginning of your first trimester...this ensures that you have to ignore morning sickness and such cause you're so busy packing, saying goodbye to your man, and moving into your parent's house again. Third, move to Mississippi and get used to all the craziness of being an Air Force wife...this (on top of the pre-toddler) ensures that you are too busy to count the days till baby comes because you're busy unpacking and falling in love with your long-lost-husband again.

Once you've done all this, you realize it's almost time to have your second kid! Whew!

I had my first doctor's appointment at Keesler on Friday. It was great...I really liked the doc I met, even though she may not be the deliver-er. There are six doctors and one midwife, and whoever is on call at the hospital when you go in is your man/woman...unless you beg for someone specific. But I don't think it really bothers me to "not know". There's NOTHING like Deb, my hippie-purist midwife who I greatly miss, but this will do just fine. Everyone I've met seems very nice, very knowledgeable, very up-to-date, and very professional. And it's a good thing, cause I'm stuck with what I get! :o) Oh, and I had to do my glucose test and they had much yuckier tasting junk to drink than Deb. Blech. But I was thankful Jesse was home (it was a down Friday) and that the appointment was during Lily's nap. So besides being annoying because I didn't bring a book or anything, it wasn't a big deal that they had me wait around for an hour.

In other (bad) news, I had my first cockroach sighting in a long time this morning. And it was an exceptionally annoying one, not just because it escaped, but because the sucker was crawling around in my big kitchen utensil drawer...meaning I had to wash every single cooking/serving utensil...and try not to think about the fact that the dishes I was eating on at breakfast were possibly contaminated by yucky roach-feet, too...but there wasn't really anything I could do about it. (Raid isn't a good thing to spray on your dishes, methinks.) Blech.

In other (good) news, the weather is nice now! Down to the 60s/70s instead of 90s/100s. Sunny every day! Perfect for daily walks with baby. I'm loving it! It's just cool enough not to be sticky, but still warm enough for shorts and such. So much better than the summer weather. Every so often I see a "colored" leaf on the ground. This is the extent of fall, I believe. Oh well...we took a walk on the beach this weekend, so I'll stop complaining now.


  1. you certainly did stay busy during this pregnancy- so much was packed into the past months! so glaaad you are confident about the docs there. it is a tall order to fill Deb's shoes!

    sooo sorry about the cockroach siting in the drawer. if it's any consolation (??!!) i've HEARD that they are actually quite clean, though must admit, don't know how that can be...

    new pics on fb are great - can see the many teeth in that little one's almost always smiling face!
    love you guys and guess it really goes without saying but can't help myself...miss you bunches!!

  2. Ugh yeah I've heard that they're "clean", too. And as gross as it is...it does make me feel a tiny bit better when I see them. At least they aren't giving us diseases...? I'm still going to be relieved when we say goodbye to that aspect of Mississippi. (Just watch, we'll get stuck somewhere else in the south and I'll be dealing with them FOREVER!)

    We miss you, too. Can't wait till you come down here!

  3. Ewww . . . please do not spray your kitchen utensils with Raid!