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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best Skillet Ever

Many moons ago (a few Christmases past, I think?) my Brilliant Brother got me this cast iron skillet. (Hi, Brother!!!) These suckers are heavy! And to my shame, I am only recently discovering just how worth it it is to heave the thing out from it's hiding place in the cupboard. I'm trying to use it more often because I really like how certain things turn out (example: you can get crispy, browned potato bits much faster and with less oil than my non-stick stuff) and I also reeeeeally like that you don't technically "clean" the thing...just wipe it out and oil it sometimes. (I KNOW you're still doing the same amount of work, but don't ruin my fun...it makes me *feel* like I have less work to do!) So yeah, I love this skillet, and I'm regretting the time it's been hibernating in some dark cupboard somewhere, unused...lonely. When I make these cinnamon sweet potato chunks in it Lily acts like I'm giving her candy.

Speaking of Lily, apparently the tooth that's coming in is bugging her a bit...but thankfully for me her way of dealing with things (besides getting cranky and clingy) is to take extra long naps! :o) So she went down early for #1, and we'll see how long she goes and how she feels after. It's one of those funny days where any time I put her down or she simply bumps into something, she has a mini meltdown like her world is ending. So much drama. Don't know where she gets *that* from.

(In case you never heard, my Dad used to dread when I'd get sick because I'd make everyone else miserable, too. I was such an angel. Hopefully I'm better at being tough. Probably not. Although I *did* give birth to a child. That counts for something, right? Dad, does giving you a granddaughter (soon to be two?) make up for being a whiny selfish sicky-poo all those years?)

Last night Jesse rushed home just in time to take Lily and I for a walk before she went to bed. ("Take us for a walk"...like we're puppies or something!) But it was his idea AGAIN! Some of you might think "so what? he's going for walks with you." but this is a really big deal to me because a) I LOOOOOVE walks (both the brisk exercise-y ones and the leisurely catch-up-about-your-day ones) and b) Jesse HATES walks. Of all sorts! So for our whole marriage anytime we've walked together it's because I'm begging or bribing or manipulating (i.e. I'll make you cheesecake if you go for a walk with me, etc.). But according to my Wonderful Man, he wants to try to go for evening walks during the week as often as he can. Awwww. He loves me. Or just really likes pushing Lily in the stroller like a maniac. But either way, I'm in love.


  1. 1) the skillet came for Christmas 2009, I'm pretty sure . . . and we can't bring anything that heavy with us this Christmas!

    2) aww . . . poor teething Lily-bear! But NICE way of dealing with it - - it's always helpful to take a nap!

    3) guess who is keeping up with your used-to-be whiney-ness when she's sick? (I'll give you a hint, it's your youngest sister!). I just hope she doesn't give "it" to me!

    4) awww . . . what a sweetie!

  2. Oh Stephanie...we are so alike in so many ways. I feel your pain...and whiney-ness :o)

  3. I miss using my Mom's iron skillet. Hmm.. Christmas list! I put the break book on my christmas list. With an * so my peeps know I really want it. ;) Poor Lily! And yeah, Derrick is full blown manic with the sit and stand. The faces Josh makes while Derrick is in control are priceless. My heart beats faster because of the inevitable crash that will take place... haha

  4. Break book? Bread? Hey I was thinking of books that you recommended and would like to add that fun preschool activity book to my list for someday. I forget what it's called? I know LJ's a little young for it...but can't be too prepared, right?

  5. haha Mommy brain. I'm glad you speak (and read) Nicole. ;) Yes, bread. It's called The Preschoolers Busy Book by Trish Kuffner. She has other books for different ages too. And I'm surprised you didn't have that book before she was born! ;)