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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Time

You know it's time to start weaning when...

...your daughter is kind of too long to fit comfortably on the Bobby.

...your belly is kind of too big for the Bobby to fit comfortably.

...your daughter is almost a year...and the American Academy of Pediatrics tells you that while longer is just fine, a year is really all she *needs*.

...your belly is getting big enough that you're reeeeeally aware that you're about to have another baby.

...you and your husband already agreed that tandem nursing is not part of your parenting philosophy...even if now you want to re-discuss this.

...your belly...it's so big...

...your daughter has been telling you for awhile now (by her relative indifference to whether she nurses or not from day to day) that she's pretty much done, Mom.

...and then there's your belly...

BUT I just look at this girl. And I think of the past year...how many snuggly nursing sessions we've had. How much I love that time. How sweet she looks. How that's been the routine...I go in and get her and she's all smiley and excited to nurse. And now...I could just nurse her forever.

I'm a freak. That's gotta be the oxytocin talking. I'm dropping a feeding today. She'll be done by birthday #1. Sniff sniff...I need to go take a walk and clear my fuzzy mom-brain that is having a hard time being logical about this! :o)


  1. Jess you are not a freak! I'm not there yet but I forsee myself having lots of trouble when that time comes. I've heard that weaning is usually harder on the mom than baby. I'm praying for you!!!!

  2. Tasha weaned herself at 10 and a half months. Oh, I remember a while back you commenting on how the evening was my fave cause I kept it longer. The morning one was actually my fave. I kept the evening one because I was afraid she wouldn't keep sleeping through the night. That's why I did my "yogurt water" each night. First time Mom's... ;) And Leah is right... it's why harder on us than them. Not a single one of my kids even seemed to notice. Praying for this to be a smooth and emotional free transition!

  3. What is yogurt water again? And so far so good on the dropped afternoon feeding...lol I was going to drop the lunch one first but I forgot :o) And I figured I *had* to drop one that day since I'd already blogged and told my husband about it! :o)

    Um, I'm realizing that no nursing = more time spent entertaining. Hmmm...another reason to nurse forever! ;o)

  4. Yogurt water= organic plain yogurt, splash of vanilla, couple drops of stevia, and water. Nat had that every night for nearly a year. lol I was SO paranoid she wouldn't sleep through the night. I loved my sleep!

    Nurse forever? Good luck getting Jesse on that crazy train. ;)

  5. Pfffft Jesse won't even let me nurse two at once. How the heck am I gonna get him to let me nurse both of them forever?? ;o) Dangit.