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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Oh, the possibilities for this post's title...I couldn't resist that one, though! ;o)

The real subject is hankies. I made some. I'd read about the idea at the Kitchen Stewardship blog I love, back when she was talking about looking for ways to try to use more reusables in your home. Things like cloth napkins and cloth tissues. Saves money, saves trees, all good stuff.

Cloth napkins weren't a problem. Toni is the best mom-in-law and got me two sets. (I know I *could* have easily made them, but I'm lazy, so I asked for them for Christmas!) But tissues? Ew. I wasn't so sure. But here they are!

Lily recently graduated from hardly-ever-sick-baby to always-seeming-to-have-the-snots-pre-toddler. Yum. And I found myself always in need of a tissue...and while I have boxes around the house, they never seemed to be within reach. (Hey, once you're on the floor playing with your 11mo it's tough to drag your big 8-month belly over to the tissue box!) So I found myself doing *gag* something *gag* really *gag* GROSS...I was periodically wiping my kid's snots on my own *gag* sleeve!

So I cut up a receiving blanket (which I personally think are too small for wrapping babies in, so I didn't mind using one for this purpose) to give it a try. And I'm a fan! For some reason, it doesn't gross me out that much to have a partially used ball of cloth in my pocket...at least not as much as a wad of tissues or snots on my sleeve! :o) Plus, since it appears that I'm going to be needing one on hand regularly for the next, oh, five years, I like the reusable aspect. Taking care of God's green earth, one less tissue at a time! :o)

I just love these toes. I want to kiss them, and I regularly do. They're getting colder these days so they're often hidden in socks or slippers. But when they appear I just love to smooch em! Even though they sometimes smell funky...

And can we talk about these super cute leggings from Grandma Rawleigh? Don't they just scream, "I'm the sweetest jail-bird ever?" :o) They actually came with an outfit...but I was feeling festive and wanted to try them with this orange Halloween shirt. So, maybe they don't match. Whatever. No judging here, people! :o)

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  1. you make me laugh out loud sometimes! I'm glad you have hankies now! I'm not sure if the jail bird pants "match" with the Halloween shirt, but I did recognize them in the 1st picture before you talked about them . . . remember to send me a pic of the whole outfit (even if it's with the other leggings!)

    and speaking of receiving blankets being too small, you need to send me the measurements of that good one so Sammy-kins can have one of her own and be a burrito! I lost the measurements somewhere! and send the measurements of the burp rags, too - maybe I'll be able to figure out how big that piece of fabric was (speaking of re-usable items).