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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project #3

I got my magazine idea book done! Here she is...a beauty! Reading through all these fun ideas makes me so excited and inspired to try new things and start fun little traditions in our family. (And shout out to Sarah Smith, cause I totally stole this idea from her blog post about it awhile ago!)

One of my favorite sections is the Mom-time, stress-relief, funny stuff section. It's got a bunch of cool ideas for chilling out...funny stories and encouraging articles.

Then there's the Parties section. Great birthday cake ideas, great themed parties, great birthday traditions. And some fun ideas for other holiday parties or fun get-togethers.

And I really like the health/fitness section cause it has great at-home workouts and health tips. This workout's my favorite cause it works all your muscles but doesn't take a lot of time...should I need to start squeezing in small workouts throughout the day. You know, in case I get crazy busy or something! ;o)

Also in the book is an organization section (yay!) and cool projects/learning/family traditions section. And in my cooking binder I added a ton of great recipes and food ideas.

So project #3 is done...and Project #4 (refinishing Lily's dresser and bookshelf) has been canceled in favor of a new pre-baby project: FREEZER STOCKING! I made a list of a bunch of good meals that I can make double of so I have one to freeze. I'm hoping that I can get at least two weeks worth in there, but I may run out of space. Also, I just heard from my Key Spouse that some of the ladies in the squadron are willing to bring us some meals! So having a completely stocked freezer is a little less of a concern now.

In other news: Jesse came home with a spiffy new YELLOW ROPE yesterday! He got a "promotion"! :o) He's so cool!

In other news: My surprise ran into some complications yesterday, so stay tuned...maybe today or tomorrow I''ll be able to report my success!


  1. Yay Jesse - - I like the color yellow!

    And Jessica - - that there mom's inspiration book is way cool! However it looks to me like it's pretty full already - - whatcha gonna do with 'more' magazines???? hehehe

  2. have to agree- yellow is cool, of course that could be because it reminds me of you!
    GREAT idea! what a terrif way to organize all the neat stuff you come across. the furthest i ever got was putting a sticky tab marker at each interesting spot. some of my mags look as though they've sprouted hair!
    if this is project #3 - how many more projects do you have on the list?
    yay for Jesse! and for you for supporting and encouraging him in all the different ways you do.
    how's the lilybear doing? saw all the teeth in a recently posted pic. wow is she growing up tooooo fast.

  3. I have to say that yellow IS pretty cool...I'm tempted to tell him he's climbed the "rope ladder" (haha) far enough...cause I like this color with the uniform better than red. But I *guess* color isn't the *primary* reason he's doing all this! ;o)

    No more projects. Unless you count finishing up the other room (some lingering unpacking/organizing to do) so we can move LJ in there and Sam into the room Lily's in. Lily's current room is closest to us, so that's best for night feedings! But Jesse's gonna help me with that.

    Lily is great! So big, so fast. Everyone says it, but you just don't understand it till it's your kid growing up like a weed!