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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fishy Fishy

Two days, two culinary experiments. First, homemade wheat thins from the eBook. So good, so easy, so almost gone already. Double batch next time! :o) Two, anchovy paste.

You heard me ;o)

So, I'm still reading Nourishing Traditions, and Sally Fallon is trying to convince me to incorporate more fish into our diet. But, Sally, I ask...isn't salmon every once in awhile enough? And tuna, we do tuna sometimes?? Really, Sally, you *really* want me to try things like ANCHOVIES because studies show those little slimy suckers have tons of minerals and other good stuff in them? But I'll probably throw up when I eat them. My husband will revolt! My kid will never trust me again!

Not true, apparently. Except the husband staging a revolt...he still might. But he hasn't tried the sauce yet, and his motto is that he'll *always* try new things at least once.

Anyways, the recipe was simple and quick...food processor + anchovies + garlic + olive oil + vinegar = *gag* here goes nothin'...

I topped some wheat thins for myself and dipped some bread for Lily. Not bad! A little salty, although that might have been the wheat thins (I overdid it a tad) but definitely nothing to gag over. And LILLIAN liked it so much she dipped her fingers in the stuff that was leftover on her tray, trying to get every last bit of fishy goodness, apparently. Or salt. She likes that, too! ;o)

Don't knock it till you rock it, I guess.


  1. Hmm... I won't knock it but I don't know if I can try it. ;) Oh, and Jesse should have NO problem eating that. If he can eat that disgusting concoction of mayo, peanut butter, and cheese whiz, he can eat anything!

  2. Mmm yeah that stuff is gross. But he's still pretty turned off by little fishies :o)