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Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's amazing how your perspective on babies is changed after you actually have one! :o)

Raise your hand if the past nine months went by REALLY fast for you? Well, they did for me. A little over three weeks till Sam's due date. Uh, wasn't I just finding out I was pregnant again?? No, wait, wasn't I just having my first baby??

Now, granted, I *did* cram these two suckers pretty close together...so technically, yeah, I *did* just have my first baby! :o) This is what happens when you have two back to back pregnancies, Jessica!

But seriously, my perspective is so different leading up to Sam's birthdate. When LJ's due date was coming up, man was I impatient! Excited and scared and eager and freaked out. The emotions were complicated. I couldn't wait! But the funny thing about babies is that they cook at their own pace and you *have* to wait! :o) (As Lily so unmistakably demonstrated for me in coming 9 days late)

But it's weird now with Sam. I'm not feeling impatient (well, hardly) at all! Don't get me wrong, I'm SUPER excited for her to come! I keep daydreaming and imagining what she'll be like and what life will be like with her here. I'm still loving feeling her wiggle around in my belly and I still love talking to her and singing to her and rubbing her little hiney...or foot...or whatever that pointy thing is. But I'm not counting down the minutes till her due date like I was with Lily. Why?

Probably because I know a lot more about babies than I did a year ago.

I know now how fast time goes by.

How tiny babies turn into big babies.

How each season passes in the blink of an eye.

How special these last few weeks are with just Lily. How nice the quiet of regular and well established naptimes are. How sweet it is to get uninterrupted sleep (if you don't count potty breaks). How completely pointless it is to worry and stress and try to figure out when a baby will be done cooking. They're done when they're done!

I really don't have much nesting that *has* to be done. I'm really not that uncomfortable. I'm still sleeping well. Still chasing my kid around. Still going on nice Mississippi walks. Still happy. Still content. Whether she comes in three weeks or five.

Of course now she'll probably be a stinker and come tomorrow just to throw me off! But I think I'm even ready for that! ;o)

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