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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Church Time

Today's mission was getting to church on time...a mission we accomplished without a hitch somehow!

And this is us at home...LJ wants me to get SJ out to play :o) Lily did awesome at the nursery today and afterwards she wanted to get down and "walk" (holding my hand) to the car. Big big girl!

Doll-baby's pretty dress is brought to you by another great Airman's Attic find.

I wonder if there's an Airman's Attic at our base in Germany?

Oh and good news: her stinky cord stump fell off today! YAY! :o)


  1. Yay for even attempting church at 9 days old! Yay for Lily walking to the car (and not whimpering in the nursery the whole time!) Yay for Airman's Attic! and Yay for cord stump falling off!

  2. It's nice to see Jesse in some of your pictures...it must be great having him home. And LJ sounds like she is loving being a big sister to an adorable little Samantha.

  3. Clarification: Lily didn't *actually* walk to the car...she would have, but she's to dang slow so Jesse made me pick her up ;o)

    Mattea: You have no idea! I'm trying not to think about Thursday when he has to go back!