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Sunday, December 12, 2010


I wasn't expecting to see smiles already...

...but you can't tell me these suckers are gas!

She totally smiles when you look into her sweet eyes and smile/laugh!

Well, I'm totally in love...

...how bout you?

Oh, this is her "I'm pooping" face.

Aaaaand the "I'm sleepy" face.


  1. completely utterly totally in love . . . and itching to get my hands on that baby girl!

  2. O MY GOSH...
    stop having ridiculously cute babies! The world isn't goign to know what to do with them!

  3. I second Delian...Sammy is so stinkin cute! These photos have made my weekend :)

  4. Officially melted.

    And... Do I see gifts under the tree? Wrapped gifts? Miss Lily is awfully good. Or Mama is super consistent. ;)

  5. LOL Delian!

    Nicole J: Yes, yes those are indeed wrapped gifts. I tried to stay on top of wrapping them when they came in the mail or when I bought them...since I knew free time would be limited once Miss Smiley was born ;o)

  6. I have most of mine wrapped too. I'm more in shock that they stay that way! Josh, well, Tash, OK, even Natalie would be tearing into them! If I didn't hide them once they were wrapped.

  7. Oh gotcha. Yeah, Lily doesn't seem too interested in the tree or the gifts, so it hasn't been a problem at all. Perhaps because she doesn't really know what unwrapping is all about, yet? And, overall, she's really obedient...for now... ;o) She's pretty good about responding to Momma's no's...plus we keep all her toys on the other side of the living room.