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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, Lily is making this whole transition to two seem waaaaay easier than some of the horror stories I've heard! *Knock on wood* She's very interested in Sam, but doesn't seem to be jealous at all! And I for one am loving how much easier and more fun it is to play on the floor without a ginormous belly! She can actually sit on my lap! I can lay on my tummy! It's great! :o) Oh, and she's getting so close to walking...she'll let go of things and stand for a few seconds unassisted! She's taken a couple accidental steps, but they were complete accidents :o) I think she was as surprised as we were! She's getting so big. Maybe next week she can babysit Sammy so Jesse and I can go out to see Harry Potter!

Yesterday Jesse and I decided to play some more Halo Reach while both girls were asleep. He made me choose my armor colors for my guy...so naturally I went with bright sunshine yellow and neon orange. He kept shaking his head at me. But I stood my ground...those were the colors I wanted! Well, when we started our "mission" he showed me what I looked like...and we both laughed for ten minutes...it was absolutely ridiculous looking! :o)

Yesterday at the grocery store I looked like a conflicted soul. My cart consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, apples, bananas, yogurt, milk, etc. on the healthy end. And then it consisted of egg nog, double stuf oreos, and beer on the not healthy end! And I even exercised self control and avoided the candy section...though I wanted some Christmas candy mighty bad.

Darn good thing I gave myself extra time to get this project done. Lord willing, Aiduk and Logue Christmas presents will be in the mail sometime early this week! :o) But, uh, projects sure do take longer when you have no time!

I love Walmart candles. I don't know why I waste my money on other brands...because I think these suckers are such a great deal for the price. Mulled cider. And it smells up the whole house so nicely! For $5! I love it!


  1. Ahhhhhh - - - TEN DAYS! This Gramma CAN NOT WAIT!

  2. Yeah hurry your butt up and get down here! :o)