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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mornin' From SJ

Good morning everyone! We're having a good morning because I didn't keep Momma up all night last night. And by not keeping her up I mean, of course, that I only woke up every three hours instead of every two, and I actually slept in between feedings.

She seems to think this makes a big difference! Here I am laying on the kitchen counter waiting for her coffee to be done. I met Grandma and Grandpa Aiduk on Skype last night. And by meet them I mean, of course, that I snoozed away while simultaneously melting their hearts...cause I'm skilled like that. Also skilled is my sister Lily, who dropped such a nasty bomb in her diaper that Momma and Daddy almost died. Momma had to get out her gas mask to prep herself for changing it. Blech.

Hey, did you know that it actually gets cold enough down here for there to be frost on the ground? No kidding! (It was only a little, in between the houses where the sun wasn't hitting already) But it's always toasty warm in our house because Daddy keeps the heat crankin'...Momma complains cause she's constantly peeling layers on and off...something about postpartum hormones and heat flashes :o) But I don't mind. I like to be toasty. And Daddy doesn't mind keeping it that way, cause he doesn't have to pay for utilities for once in his life!

I guess today Daddy is going to go to Gulfport to see a mechanic about our half-broken washing machine. The guy who sold it to us is going to look at it and try to figure out why it alternates between leaking and clunking so hard it sounds like it's going to try to take off! Momma and Daddy are hoping he'll hook us up because we only need it for another 3 months and then we'll have to ditch it before we leave for Germany anyways. We shall see! I could care less...by Momma cares a lot. Apparently having a working washer is a big deal to her :o)

I hope you all have a great day! I know I will. Nothing like eating and sleeping and getting kissed all day. My life is rough!


  1. Hey Jess, I have loved reading your past blogs and getting caught up on all that's been going on. What a sweet baby! She is blessed to have you and Jesse as parents. Also what exciting news that you are going to Germany. Not only will that mean getting to know one country but many European vacation. Lots of beauty and yummy food. You can see where my mind goes. There are so many ways the Lord will use this time to bless you guys. I can't wait to see you guys again. Thanks so much for blogging, Siobhan

  2. Good morning Sammy - - Gramma Rawleigh loves you a whole bunch and can't wait to squeeze you and kiss you and watch you sleep and let you spit up on me!

    Have a great second week of being alive and I will see you really really soon!

  3. Aw yes here's hoping that guy *will* hook you up - having a newborn is not the time to be down a washer! Per your previous post about the 5-mile-explosion, lol. :)

  4. woo hoo, a comment box has appeared! now to go back and read all the posts again and remember what I wanted to say, aside from you'll love Germany and congratulations on another beautiful daughter :)

  5. Siobhan: Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, we're super excited...though the move still hasn't really sunk in for me! It's going to be quite the adventure for sure!

    MOM! I can't believe how soon you'll be here! Amazing how time flies when you have a baby! ;o)

    Em: Seriously, seriously! Unfortunately we couldn't do it yesterday because Jesse's friend with the truck wasn't available. *Fingers crossed for Monday* I mean, we can still use the washer, it's just ominously loud and doesn't spin out fully so the dryer has to work harder. But it's a good dryer so it can hack the extra work for a few more loads!

    Mira!!! YAY welcome back! Thanks for the congrats...she's so great! :o)

  6. She is so beautiful! I love this post! I am glad that everyone is transitioning so well. What a blessing.