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Monday, January 10, 2011

Crayons, Trial 2

 Gramma R got Girl-Baby some chunky crayons and a sketchbook for Christmas!
I'm not sure why she thinks it's best to sit *on* the book...?
To each her own :o) 
 They did not end up in the mouth this time, but it's still good to know they're edible... I mean non-toxic!
I'm not convinced about the washable part... and I'm not really interested in experimenting!  But they don't work on carpet, apparently.
"Thanks Grandma!!!"


  1. You are welcome baby girl - I know your momma always loved a new box of crayons, and I don't think you will eat them forever! And by the way, I like your coloring form - sitting on the sketch book is efficient and shows ingenuity!

  2. I do love me that new crayon smell! :o) For some reason today she thought it was way more fun to put the crayons in the box and make me help her take them out over and over. Kids.