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Monday, January 10, 2011


We had a lovely weekend, how bout you?  Mostly it was just great having Jesse around.  Interestingly enough, I'm finding it's not that I want/need the extra set of hands... it's more that I love having someone to talk to who doesn't whine at me or sound like R2D2.  Yes, that is how LJ "talks" to me all day long lately... with her mouth closed.  Jesse says it reminds him of R2D2.  I say it's a bit annoying ;o)  But it's kind of cute and funny and one of the quirky little girl things that will be over before we know it.

And it's obviously nice to relax with my best friend... watching movies, hanging out with people, etc.  We went to the Shed again with our friends who just had a baby boy.  We have actually frequented the Shed more than any other restaurant around here.  Which I think is pretty funny since I'm not a bbq fan.  But the atmosphere is just too cool!  It feels so "Mississippi" ;o) and we can't help but take visitors... meaning we'll be back there again next weekend because Cass and Mike will be here!

Apparently Sam is hungry today.  Like, really hungry.  As in every two hours she's starving hungry.  I'm guessing 6 week growth spurt... my kids seem to take growth spurts seriously.  So I'm hoping she's back to the every 3 hours or so in a few days.  That makes it a bit easier to get things done... like naps and reading and playing with LJ.  Oh, I'm reading our new book that Cass got us for Christmas - "Those Crazy Germans! A Light-hearted guide to Germany"  I'm loving it!  It's super funny and an easy read so I'm able to crank out a few short chapters when I can grab 20 minutes here and there.

Because of Sam being up so often this morning, I feel like it's gone by super fast... as in it's lunchtime and I need to go see if LJ's up yet.  I have my postpartum appointment at 2:30pm and Jesse got permission to come home early so he could watch LJ and I could go by myself.  And by myself I mean just me and Sam ;o)  But that's better than both babies!  And then we need some groceries like you wouldn't believe!  And after LJ's asleep tonight Sam and I are going to go over to Bethanne's and catch up with her for a few hours.  YAY for girl time!
I think these lucky little snots BOTH got their Dad's eyes.  I'll be the only Aiduk girl needing mascara regularly I guess! ;o) 
 Lily's "Elvis Hair" is brought to you by Momma messing around during bathtime.  I didn't think it would stay that way all night and the next day!  Hehe


  1. That is great but what happened to the coffee post?

  2. Dear anonymous commenter... who are you and what are you talking about? ;o)