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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Definition Time!

PCS:  Permanent Change of Station
Civilian term:  Moving.  Also seen as PCS'd (as in, we PCS'd to Biloxi, MS) and PCSing (as in, we are PCSing to Germany). 

KMC:  Kaiserlautern Military Community
Refers to all the bases (Mostly Army and Air Force) in/near the city of Kaiserlautern, Germany.  Our next base is Sembach, and it's included in the KMC.

Hold Baggage:  The first shipment of your stuff to your next duty station.  Also called the "small shipment".  It usually arrives a month after you ship it and includes your small household items that you want first.  (i.e. dishes, clothes, linens and kid toys.)  The rest of your stuff (furniture, etc.) comes in your "big shipment" and arrives about two (or more... yikes!) months after you ship it.  (Your car ships separately and usually arrives in a month.)

FMO:  Furnishings Management Office
This lovely base amenity provides PCSers (I may have just made that term up!) with loaner furniture while you wait for the big shipment.  Once your stuff comes, you return it.  They also provide you with large appliances (microwave, washer/dryer, etc.) and storage closets if you live off base.  You get to keep these for your entire stay overseas.  (The storage closets are apparently because German houses typically have little to no closet space.)

RAP:  Recruiter's Assistance Program
Once you graduate from Tech School you can volunteer to take two weeks and help out at the recruiter's office that you enlisted out of.  Kind of a neat opportunity for us, as we'll get to spend two weeks in Corning without having to take any leave... as Jesse will *technically* be working.  (Though rumor has it you don't have to do much!)  So we'll be doing this in between graduation and reporting to Sembach, with some leave thrown in there somewhere so we can make it out to Cape Cod, too!

Just some of what I've been learning lately...

63 days till graduation! :o)

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