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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm a Believer

Facebook and I are friends.

I used to be a "facebook naysayer", mostly because I didn't have an account so I didn't know what it was all about... and also cause I knew a few facebook junkies who spent way too much time doing all the things on facebook that take way too much time :o)

But then I got pregnant (yes, people, this was all only a couple years ago... as in less than two!) and my sister was getting ready to go away to college.

So Bethany and Brother cornered me in a coffee shop during family vacation and schooled me on all the reasons they were making me set up a fb account.

1. Easy picture sharing. LJ was on the way and I would now be needing a way to easily share pics with the drooling family members 7 hrs away (Cape Cod), 4 hours away (West Chester), 2 hours away (Rochester), and 15 minutes away (yes Mom, I'm talking about you!) :o)

2.  Staying in touch.  Bethany was going to college and a part of me was going to die... mostly the part that had weekly sister coffee dates.  Also, the Air Force was on the table and we were leaning towards it at that point.

*I find it important to note here that both Bethany and Alex pretty much suck as facebook personalities :o)  Hardly any status updates, pics, etc.  And no...  I'm not bitter about being told how "great" and "easy" it would be to keep up with each other via fb... dorks! :o)  (Love you guys!)*


3.  Time-sucks like fb (this was my main argument against it) only steal your time if you let them.  It is what you make of it... and it *can* be a great tool, if used wisely. 

Amen, Bethany and Brother, amen.  Thanks for making me join the club! ;o)

This musing is mainly the result of my recent gratitude for the internet (fb especially) and how it's making my life easier.  I joined a group on fb called "I Love Germany" and it's all people who have lived (or are living) in the KMC in Germany... so I'm able to talk to real people (who I've never met!) and ask all the millions of questions I have about PCSing to Germany!   It's been so helpful already and I only found it last week!

Plus, the internet (fb especially) has made what could have been a very hard and lonely move to Mississippi so much more bearable.  I love you all.  Thanks for reading my blog and using other internet means to stay in touch! 

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  1. You have a lot of tags. Suggestion: You should have a tag "recipes". Then tag others like "Oreo Balls", "Pecan Pie", etc.. under that one. I mean, do you really plan on blogging a ton more on "Oreo Balls"? lol Just sayin'. haha But it's your blog. Tag it up.

  2. LOL your comment has nothing to do with facebook. But since you bring it up again, here's my thought process: I thought tagging the posts was for other people to be able to find stuff. And yes, someone looking for that oreo ball recipe (which is making me want to go get some oreos...) could assume they'd find it in the recipe folder, but it might get confusing if a grandma is looking for the pics from the drill down and I only tagged it under Air Force, which is really big and would seem to take them longer to find. Does that make sense? Do you have a better way to do it? I guess I could throw in a search box, but I'm not sure how... or how necessary it is. Thoughts?

  3. Oh... sorry. I <3 facebook too! :) And shhhh! I'll let you in on a little secret... as little as you think you know about blogging-I'm sure I know less! ;) I use wordpress and have only written three posts. I've spent most of my time figuring things out. lol I'm going to post soon though. I have plenty in my drafts folder! But, it's a good sign that I haven't been blogging. Quiet times are daily. I've been spending more time with Derrick. My kids are clothed and fed. And the house isn't a complete and utter wreck. So, no apologies from this Momma. Oh, and how does one find a ticket to Germany? Just in case. I was looking online and I'm convinced I am a moron.

  4. Ha I have no idea! I haven't even bothered looking yet. But you didn't answer my questions... about the tags and folders...? ;o)

  5. Hm... another tag titled "air force event pics"... We'll solve the "problem" by making more tags! lol My suggestion would be to look at people who blog a lot with varying topics. See how they tag, folder, search, etc., and steal things you like. :) And have a great time tonight! P. Mushroom cap "burger" sounds soooo incredibly yummy. We're going to the Gustafson's tonight. I don't know what is for dinner, but I do know there is chocolate cake! I think my body will allow a little sliver. ;) How are you doing coming down from your sugar high that we call "the holidays"?

  6. Good idea. Oh, and yes, you should give some love to your blog sometime soon! ;o) And I have a great story to share with you... but I'm going to take this conversation to email because it has to do with lactation malfunctions ;o) Enjoy your night out and your treat!

  7. I can't wait to read it!!!! And I did enjoy the piece of cake. YUM! I found it so much more enjoyable knowing it was a treat and not something I do every night. I can't believe we were nearly eating a dessert every night. Cripes!