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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On the Move Again

The Aiduk gals finally made it out for a walk today.  I'm pretty sure I got as much exercise getting them both dressed and loaded into the stroller as I did walking around the neighborhood! ;o)

It felt so good to take a walk... especially with the sun shining!

Though lugging two girls up and down the stairs all day is definitely hard work, it is not really exercise... and my aching back is telling me it's time to get active again.  I love to walk, so that's the easiest thing for me to stick to.  But I may try to get myself  motivated to throw in some weights and other exercises here and there.  That way I don't have to take them both outside every day.  I could do it, and I may, but indoor options are good, too!  (It isn't *always* sunny here, either... gotta have a rainy day plan sometimes!)

I will never get used to this weather.  Think fall in NY.  I'm almost always overdressing the girls because I'm thinking it's January and freezing.  It is January.  It is not freezing.  Think fall, Jessica, fall... it's not the tundra here!  Though it was a bit windy today so for that I was glad we were all bundled up.  When it's sunny it's not bad at all.  But if it's not I may need to dress the girls a little warmer.  Which reminds me that I don't even know if LJ owns a winter coat! :o)  I'll have to check out the clothes bins.

It's quiet here... for now :o)  SJ's on day three of her eating all the time craziness.  But it's really not that bad.  She seems to be extra hungry in the mornings but is able to go longer later in the day.  She's not waking up any extra at night, so I'm super thankful for that!

I'm still a little tired from it all... though it can't be *that* bad if I'm able to go for a walk, eh?  I'm even staying on top of dishes and laundry, sneaking in some reading, and cooking dinner again!  Tonight it's steak, spinach, and onion pizza with a whole wheat and flax crust.  Mmmm!


  1. Yay for a walk in the double stroller! Glad to see it in action!!! Please do go through Lily's bins to find out about the warm coat - - let me know if she doesn't have one and you don't find one at the Airman's Attic - - Pookie's is opening their new location (at the old JoAnn Fabric store in Painted Post), and I will go scope it out for ya!

  2. How about we just buy her a new one. Ok with Grampa.

  3. You two make me laugh! I did find her winter coat (I was pretty sure it was up there somewhere!) so she's all set in that department.

  4. Mike and Linda remind me of my Ma and Pa. My Mom bought a new outfit for Allie from the consignment shop and my Dad was appalled that my Mom would gift an outfit that was from a consignment shop. lol Seeing your photos is still just so weird. I just can't imagine...

  5. I know, right? I keep thinking, geez... my friends have babies that *actually* exist in *real life* and I haven't met them, yet! Weird weird weird!