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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Aiduk Family Proudly Presents...

...The 335th's Airman of the Month!

His biased wife thinks it's about time that the guy got some real recognition around here!  He's probably a little bored with just hearing me shout his praises and thank him for all he does! ;o)  

We're both pretty excited!  Now (in two weeks) he goes up against the other squadron's Airmen.  So he could get Airman of the Month for the entire training group!  "Woo Hooooo GO GET EM BABE!"

It would be quite the honor, obviously!

He's got everything going for him, what with his shiny shoes and that fancy red rope that's always on his shoulder now! ;o)  

In the meantime, he will continue to do his job.  Which currently consists of early morning PT, a long school day interrupted by various PCS appointments, a long afternoon/evening running the squadron like a good Red Rope, sometimes studying for school when he gets home, possibly studying for this Airman of the Month board, rarely seeing his kids (as he gets home after seven now), and usually only seeing his wife for about 2 hours a day before we both collapse in bed (mostly right now because we both have colds... and we're old farts). 

Tech school.  It's. So. Fun!  And only 32 days till it's done!  


  1. Hey look! Jesse is smiling! Like, really big!! :P

  2. Wowzas! That is a huge smile! Wow. How ever did you manage to capture that?

  3. Hehe you guys make me laugh. The things you chose to comment on about my posts. Let's ignore the whole point of the post and talk about the smile ;o)

    WHICH I happened to snap a quick cell pic of when we were in San Antonio right after graduation! Like, I'm pretty sure this is the very first time we got to sit down and eat dinner together after BMT. He'll probably be mucho embarrassed that I used this pic... but I thought it was fitting! :o)

  4. hey that was the first thing I noticed too! Jesse with a big cheesy grin on his face (why oh why does he think he shouldn't smile in pictures??). I actually thought it was the picture from San Antonio - - but I was surprised you would use one "that old" - - but I think it's a great picture of him!!!