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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday AM: Conversations with Lily

LJ:  Hey Momma, did you see that the landscaping-guys are out working on the back yard already?

Me:  Yeah Baby,  I heard the lawn mower going.  Mississippi is so weird! 

LJ:  Hey Momma, why am I still wearing my pjs?

Me:  Cause Baby, I have declared today an all-day-pj day since we've hardly been home this week... or at least that's how it feels!

Me:  Hey Lily, did you know that I had to buy more storage space for this blog yesterday?

LJ:  Yeah Momma, apparently it's because you post a lot of pictures or something.  So google says you are out of free space and now you must pay them $5.  Sucker.

LJ:  Hey Momma, can we go outside... PLEEEEEASE?  I'll even bring you my shoes and plop them right in the middle of the kitchen while you make breakfast.  That way they're ready for you to put on my feet asap.

Me:  No sweetie, it's "freezing" outside.  No park today... maybe tomorrow when the sun is supposed to come back out.

LJ:  Hey Momma, why are you letting me eat my icky shoes?

Me:  Cause Love, I was too busy taking a picture of your cute little foot up on the dishwasher to notice you were putting who-knows-what kind of dirt and germs into your mouth.  Nice.  Mommy of the year.


  1. Did you know you could take your pictures and compress them into a smaller size? That way you could use less storage. Just an idea...

  2. Hmm good thought, I'll have to ponder this. Though, it was only $5 for way more space than I'll ever need.

  3. tell them you can have my 'free' space that I don't blog on anyhow - - I only made a blog so I could post comments on your blog!

  4. I had no idea you could use up all the space on a blog! Sheesh. Though $5 isn't bad I suppose. And to own your own website would cost like $12 a year depending on the domain name...

    Still. It seems weird.

  5. I never heard of such a thing (paying for your blog)! I'm assuming my friends that post all the time just didn't mention it.

    And speaking of staying in your jammies... We didn't go out and play in the snow the two days that Natalie had snow days. Schedules and sickness just made it impossible to get out! So, I told Natalie to enjoy getting to stay in her jammies all day, drink hot cocoa (which she calls warm cocoa because she doesn't like "hot" cocoa), and watch movies! So, when they returned to school her teacher was asking if they had fun on their snow days. Everyone screamed "YES!" except Natalie. Who said, "No! I didn't even play in the snow. My Mom said staying in my jammies all day would be fun, but it wasn't! All day in jammies is never fun for me. I hate it." LOL

    Oh, and licking a little dirt never killed anyone... now, licking public restroom off your shoe?... maybe. ;)

  6. Ew ew ew Nicole. Thanks for that mental picture! Gosh I really am the mommy of the year (as I try to think back and remember where those shoes have been recently...)

    I don't know about paying for storage space. I just do what I'm told cause I don't have a lot of time and a window came up during a photo upload saying "you need more storage space" and I said, oh heck, $5? Sure. And back to photo-filled-blogging I went!