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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sassy Sammy

So apparently Miss Samantha doesn't like to be ignored :o)

I had just fed the dear Beefcake and changed her pee-pee-panties so she should have been nice and happy to just sit and chill on the floor with me while I talked to Bethanne, right?

"No.  No, Momma, that is NOT okay with me." says Sassy Sammy.  She's babbling away, which is fine (side note:  SJ definitely "talks" more than LJ!) but as I'm talking to Bethanne, I'm noticing that Sam keeps getting louder... so I'm increasing my volume to be heard over her... and she KEEPS GETTING LOUDER!

Bethanne and I finally stopped and realized that she was basically yelling at us!

Silly Sammy.  SASSY Sammy!  Doesn't she know that if there's going to be a talking battle it's definitely going to be Momma who rises victorious??? :o)


  1. Silly, sassy, Sammy-Whammy! I doubt you will ever beat your momma at a talking contest . . . she's had *way* more experience than you!

  2. I think she looks so much like you!! Do you see it yet?!? So cute!!!

  3. Gosh she is incredibly beautiful. And yeah, good luck trying to out talk your Momma! :P Though I suppose you spawns would be the only worthy opponents. ;)

  4. I am starting to see me in her... more in personality than in looks. But in this picture, I can see my eyes and smile a bit. I'm bad at that whole "which parent does the kid resemble" thing. But if anything... she's definitely a talker like her Momma!