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Friday, February 25, 2011

The UNeventful Upcoming Weekend

Happy Friday!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit to you that we have absolutely nothing planned after last weekend's craziness!  How boring to read about, right? ;o) 

No, it's a good thing.  We have nothing officially "planned", but it will be mighty nice and relaxing... especially since we're going to New Orleans next weekend and then the next weekend will be our LAST weekend here! 

Looks like we might go party at Bonnie and Andrew's tonight since it's their second to last weekend here.  And since she made chili.  Cause we sure ain't gonna miss that! ;o)  I was just telling her today that I'm really going to miss this closeness we have in Thrower Park... she needed an onion and I just dropped it off at the end of my run with the girls.  I've never had that kind of relationship with my neighbors... but who knows, maybe I will in Germany!  (Though, there will be no Bethanne or Bonnie living within walking distance in Germany, which will be sad...)

Probably the only other thing we'll try to do this weekend is get a start on some of our sorting/organizing for the movers.  But maybe not... maybe we'll just be lazy! :o)  Jesse might go play rugby tomorrow morning (and we might tag along cause a) I've never seen rugby played and b) I've never seen Jesse play... should be interesting!) and hopefully I'll go running at some point.  Maybe by the beach... since my days to do that are limited! 

Oh, and Mom, apparently LJ thinks SJ needs a Dolly.  Where did this one come from? ;o) 


  1. Why are you embarrassed to admit you have nothing planned?!? We love to have nothing to do on the weekends except snuggle together as a family and play with our girls. Then we love to snuggle together during naps. Then we snuggle together and play with our girls some more. I think your weekend sounds practically perfect in every way.

  2. Yeah... I'm looking VERY forward to the next weekend that we have NOTHING planned. I don't know when that will be... but I'm looking forward to it! ;) Enjoy yours! With those 3 people of yours, I'm sure you will.

  3. Oh I was just joking about being embarrassed! It was a lovely weekend!