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Friday, February 25, 2011

Travel Plans

Luggage..., originally uploaded by alfie_ahhh.
Rumor has it that the AF doesn't pay for our checked baggage... just our plane tickets to Germany.

So we are going to try to pack as light as we possibly can. I'm talking one checked bag and one checked pack and play. Other than that we're going hard core with one stroller (free plane-side check) and two carry-on's each.

Wish. Us. Luck :o)

It's gonna be tight but I'm determined. (And by *I*, I mean *we*, as Mr. Frugal is pretty sure we can do it no prob! ;o) I'm a little skeptical, but we'll see!)

I'm going to use some of the tips I used from this website when LJ and I traveled to San Antonio with just one bag. (Well, and the diaper bag.)

Stage one of the packing has begun. Stage one = my psychotic list-making. I now have SEVENTEEN lists going in my List-Master To-Do app. (Don't worry, they aren't all related to PCSing, I just really like to make lists!)

So as far as the move goes, I have a separate packing list going for each of us, plus a list for our hold baggage and to-donate stuff. The rest is in our large shipment.

This should be *fun* ;o)


  1. The website you posted is really interesting - think I'm going to check into the bar shampoo (all natural ingreds)
    SEVENTEEN lists??? you def have me beat- think i have only 6... :)

  2. WHAT only SIX? Pssssht you're a list-amateur! ;o) Love ya!