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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uncle Brother

Story time.  This is Alex.  Alexander Rawleigh.  He's the best brother in the whole wide world.  We call him "Brother". 

We also call him "Uncle Brother". 

We do this because once upon a time there was a little munchkin named Stephanie who couldn't say Alex and instead called him Brother.  We all thought she was so dang cute that we wouldn't let her *stop* even when she *could* say his name! 

His name's been Brother ever since.  That is what his cell number says when he calls me.  It is also what I *always* start typing when I'm trying to send him a fb message.  It's just what I call him!

So I wanted the girls to continue the tradition.  He thinks they're going to get confused... "wait, is he our UNCLE or our BROTHER?" ;o) 

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