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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tour of the Room

The view.

There are lots of trees... even in the middle of what seem to be good-sized cities.  I like it :o) 

LJ keeps slipping on the lack of carpet.  She's going barefoot today... hopefully that will help.

The bathroom in the girls' room has a tub, which is nice.  

 Above the bed.

Above the microwave.

Now let's talk about the bed.  Are we in a 50s sitcom or what?

I call it "The Great Divide".  Jesse calls it "The Butt Crack" :o) 


  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! so absolutely no cover or space stealing going on here - now to work on the snoring!!!

  2. Very great (and funny!) photos!

    When can I come visit? I am officially jealous. :P

  3. MIL: agreed!

    Mattea: You get your tush over here and you've got a place to stay for free! Even if you have to sleep on the floor! ;o)

  4. Beds in Europe can be interesting.

  5. Are they always like that? So weird!

  6. I guess they're not much for snugglin' huh?