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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Shout Out from the States!


Alrighty, folks!  We're packing up and getting ready to check out of the hotel...

This has been a lovely road trip... but I'm not going to be sad to settle back down and feel like I'm "home" again.  (But who knows when that will actually be!)

We got confirmation from our sponsor at Sembach, who will be picking us up and getting us to our temporary lodging.

Though I'm pretty sure our hotel in Germany will have internet, no promises... so this is Jessica, signing off for now.  I hope you can survive without pictures of my kids for however long it is :o)  (Though in reality, I'll probably be back here blabbering away tomorrow night!) 

Ready-set-LET'S GO TO GERMANY!!! :o)


  1. Praying for you guys! God be with you!

  2. I for one am definitely hoping you will be back by tomorrow night with pictures . . . but tomorrow night for you is in a totally different time zone, so who knows when it will be!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!