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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Top Three Things I am Looking Forward To...

...When I have a house again:

1.  Separate rooms for the girls to sleep during the day.  We don't even have to have three bedrooms, as long as one of them can nap in my room and I can be in the living room or something.  They share fine at night, but neither of them sleep soundly enough to avoid interrupting each other's naps (since they don't nap at exactly the same time in the mornings).  Poor kids!  They're handling it okay.  I just look forward to better daytime rest for both of them!

2.  A kitchen.  With a stove... and oven... so I can cook in a way that I can COMPLETELY avoid a microwave!!!  I might even say I'd be happy never to see or use a microwave again after this! ;o)  But seriously.  I want to cook some chili.  And honey-curry chicken.  And spaghetti and meatballs.  And rice.  And chipotle orange tacos.  And pizza.  And veggie soup.  And salmon.  And sweet potato fries.  And... and... okay.  I'm gonna go microwave some mac-n-cheese for lunch ;o)

3.  A washer and dryer.  It will be nice not to have to map out how long we can wear our clothes so as to avoid doing laundry more often than once a week.  And cloth diapers, how I miss thee... I know, I'm a freak ;o)  But seriously.  It'll feel so great to be able to do laundry more regularly!

Also, I'd like to go on record at this point to say no, I don't regret coming over with Jesse.  (And as I type that, I'm wondering if I ever even mentioned that it was an option for me and the girls to wait in the States till he found a house?  Well, it was.  But we decided we'd rather stick together... mostly cause I was a chicken about flying alone with both girls!)

But no, I'm not regretting being here.  This hotel is great (there are many other hotels I've been in that would be far worse for an extended stay) and you can't beat the location.  I'm thinking of going the other direction today and exploring the walking/biking trail that goes through a meadow (or so I've been told!).  The breakfasts are amazing (I may gain ten pounds, but I'm freely indulging in daily brie!) and the staff is super friendly.  

And I'm glad to be able to experience *this* whole thing (even the stressful parts!) WITH Jesse rather than having to go through it apart!  It's definitely better to be together in a hotel, no matter how long, than to be half a world apart while you wait for a house.

Speaking of houses... HOPEFULLY WE'LL KNOW THIS WEEK :o)


  1. I'm looking forward to your own appliances along with you!

    Laundromat-ing was *never* one of my favorite things - - although we did have periods of time in our married life when we didn't have a w/d, and we managed!

    We have never had to live without a kitchen for very long (except on vacation - by choice) - - that's one I don't think I could manage quite as easily! I'm praying that you find a place to live very very soon!

    No - you never mentioned that staying in the states until he found an apartment was an option. However, I know that after last summer, you wouldn't *choose* to live where he is not!

    Hugs to everyone!

  2. Oh man, Jess, what a test in patience. I'm trying to even imagine you functioning without a fully equipped kitchen... Hard to do! Praying for ya; that you find contentment in the waiting, and keep the perspective that this is still a "fun adventure," haha! (And, just know that I am right there with you in the confusion that is apartment-hunting... What a mess! And a gamble!)

  3. Mom: exactly. Wherever he is is way the heck better than where he is not... even if there would be a kitchen, washer/dryer, and Grandma R to help with diapers ;o)

    Em: Thanks for the prayers! Being "homeless" isn't all that bad... but we won't be sad to leave this part of the adventure behind!