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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Internet Sweet Internet

Drum-roll please...

That's right, folks, we're live in Otterberg!  Back to my regular scheduled broadcast!  The [well documented and photographed] adventures of The Jesses and The Girls continue!

I just read through *some* of the comments on the measly 5 posts for this month and I had quite the chuckle!  I can almost feel Mom and Toni's blood pressure rising with each comment! ;o)  I love you guys.  And you all make me feel very loved!

So the guy from Kabel Deutschland (German Cable) was our BFF this morning.  He came right on time and though he only spoke a little English (he's mostly a French and German fella) he got everything straightened out for us and here I am!  Sitting on my couch on my laptop with INTERNET! :o) 

*Happy dance all around* 

And whew can I just say how overwhelmed I am with all that I feel I've missed this month?  It's crazy... I'm so back-logged in the communication and photo-sharing department!  And I have much emailing and facebook-stalking to do! ;o)  So bear with me while I try to play catch up for a little bit.  I have to get back into the swing of regular posting... but I have SO MUCH to tell that I'm sure it won't be hard!

For now, here are a few PICTURES! 

Front view of the house.  We live on the top floor(s).  You can't see from here, but there is another story up there.  So we have the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Our downstairs neighbor is the 85-year-old mother of our landlady.  She's great.  More on her later :o)  Also, we took down the ugly satellite dish from the previous tenants.

Living room.


The view from one side of the balcony.  This is a terrible shot... I need to get some better ones!

Side yard.

Back yard.  And laundry ;o) 

Back patio.  And lights!

Jesse and LJ on the balcony.  There's an entrance from our bedroom (pictured) and from the living room.  Jesse is laying facing the only corner where we could get internet! ;o) 

Many more stories, pictures, and explanations to come!  But I can hear Double Trouble upstairs telling me that that blessed time of day (when they nap together!) is coming to a close!  

Till next time... which will be much sooner than a week from now! :o) 


  1. Nice apartment! Sammy looks so different! I'm so excited to have something worth stalking now. :) And I'm on the iPad, so I can't tell if I'm on my account or Derrick's...but as always, it's me! :)

  2. GIANT sigh of relief from the other side of the ocean! SO happy that communication has re-commenced (yes, I'm doing the happy dance)! Love you forever!

  3. Yay!! So very glad to have you back!!! Your place looks awesome!!! Cant wait to see even more pictures! The girls look great. Miss you!

  4. YAY!! Sam looks like a totally different baby...and JUST like you!!! What a super cute house!! Can't wait to read more about your big adventure!!

  5. I... am... like speechless at how awesome your place is. I love the WALL of windows! And I'm def fighting kitchen envy (our place is great, but it's by far the smallest kitchen we've had yet). Did you guys hang the lights outside? I love the bare light bulb look. Anyway - it's so good to hear from you. And to see your home. And to see how fast Sammy is growing!! Ok, back to work ;)

  6. Wow! Wow oh Wow oh WOW! I'm sooo super happy!!! I LOOOOVE your apartment and your living room is awesome! And the girls are so adorable!

  7. Hil: I agree. Kid1 looks like Daddy, Kid2 looks like Mommy!

    Em: The lights were already there... aren't they fun? Sorry for the kitchen envy. It's probably the best kitchen I've ever had... sorry you're stuck with the worst!