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Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Week

THIS WEEK we tried (again) and failed (again) to get cable internet.  Boo.  Jesse played a lot of phone tag... which in one case meant calling only to discover the associate didn't speak any English.  Uh... sorry... guess I'll call later?...  So we're really hoping this week.  We may have to get satellite or dsl... but from what we heard it's worth the hassle to try for cable.  (Faster skype dates anyone?)  :o)  So please bear with us while we wait another week or so!

THIS WEEK Jesse started working on his CDCs.  (Career Development Curriculum, I think?)  Basically, it's the material of the three month class he has to take.  And since they couldn't fit him into the class starting Monday, he's got over a month to wait.  And while he waits he's mostly sitting in an office studying.  Not a bad deal... he goes to the squadron, studies, works out, etc.  He can even take off for a quick lunch break with his girls, run some errands (like electric... or cable!), or even come to his sick wife's rescue!

THIS WEEK the girls got their "big dipey butts" back on... cloth diapering strikes again! ;o)  No one seems to notice the difference but the washing machine! 

THIS WEEK I was sick.  The weirdest thing ever... we think it was food poisoning!  (Subway.  On base.  You've been warned.)  So I woke up the day after with blurred visiona nd a headache... Jess left me with the phone (don't worry, we're getting another one soon) and within hours I was calling in an SOS.  I was a mess... couldn't keep any food or drink down for 24 hours.  Thankfully I had My Love to take care of things while he regimented my diet and made me sleep it off.  He kept both girls happy and quiet and fed and alive and all that jazz AND he did the dishes!  MY HERO!  Oh yeah, and the next morning I was up and basically back to normal... a little weak at first, but still able to tidy up the house in time for friends to come over! ;o)  (Yeah, we're crazy!)

THIS WEEK we had friends over!  Finally!  We had about seven friends from work over to christen our new grill.  Good times! 

THIS WEEK we bought a GPS.  The hubs didn't want to shell out the cash, but unfortunately for him, it's a little trickier to find your way around here... especially when you get lost!  But we have our trusty GPS by our side now so we shall never get lost again! :o) 

OH I almost forgot... THIS WEEK we bought a car!  (Silly thing to forget but it happened on Monday...)  The tenant before us didn't have time to ditch it before he left for Guam so he offered it to us for $1000!  It's a 1992 Mercedes! ;o)  More on that, and the unveiling of her name, later!

Alright... time to go.  *Sigh*  It's hard for a three-a-day blogger to cut down to once-a-weekers like this!  I couldn't even download pics for ya (tried, promise!) cause the connection is too slow!  So it's off to go find my man and girls and get our grocery shopping done.  Till next time... know that I love ya and miss ya! ;o) 


  1. WOW - - I'm glad for the update (even weekly) but this 3-a-day reader is definitely suffering from some serious withdrawal!

    Sorry you were so sick - glad for Jesse's flexibility!

    Praying for cable wifi's (and a skype date) SOON!!! Glad to hear of all the other 'moving in and getting settled things that are happening!

    I love you guys SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

  2. ps- do Lily's 18-mo. clothes fit her with the return of big-dipey-butt? lol - that kid needs to grow!!!

  3. Yucky for sickness, but glad you got better fast.

    And as soon as you get faster internet, definitely want to see pics of the car!! And the name :) Our '86 Mercedes name is Holly, so they can be long-distance friends, 'kay?

  4. Curse you German speaking Germans for your inability to communicate with English speaking American's for the sake of setting up internet! There's a world of family and friends waiting to find everything out about The Jesses and fam.! ;)

    So glad to hear what we can about life. Miss you all...even if it's just watching life through your blog.

    Oh, and maybe I can buy the Mercedes off you next. I always wanted a Mercedes...- Cassie

  5. A 1992 Mercedes! Sweet! I love Mercedes!! (Those Germans have a good taste for cars :) Can't wait for the pictures, and the name. Glad that no one else got sick-yuck. :p And I really hope you get your internet up soon-but in the meantime....no pressure.....I guess.

  6. Okay, I'm impatient again - - get back out on your balcony and get some updates happening! Or better yet, go *to* the hotel and update! I miss ya!