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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pretty Pink Toothbrush

Lily picked out her first big girl toothbrush at the Commissary a few weeks back.  I was proud of her because, when given the choice between pink and blue, she went with pink! ;o)  Jesse was a little disappointed!

She does a good job... we do "Momma first" so I can actually get some brushing done.

Then it's her turn...

She's very serious about keeping her face drool-free ;o) 


Now Daddy's showing her some old school Fox and the Hound.

A nice, relaxing Saturday morning.  I hope y'all have a great day!


  1. you go Lily-bear! daddy will come to appreciate the part of you that loves pink-
    give hugs and kisses to sis and momma and daddy from gma okay? love you sweetie (oh, and great job brushing!)

  2. p.s. please tell daddy gma was very glad that he called...(kisses to you)

  3. how is jesse's mouth healing up? it's pretty weird that bethany had hers out just last summer and i can't remember how many days it took for her to heal up and be able to eat 'normal' food . . . but then again she had a dry socket in the mix as well!