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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture Catch-Up 2

Sam woke up from her nap one day with a GINORMOUS booger stuck in her hair.  And I mean STUCK!  (I found this to be impressive, since she's so bald.)  I had to snap a few pics cause it was so funny... but I wasn't laughing when it took ten minutes (okay that's an exaggeration ;o) ) with a damp cloth to get her hair free! 

While unpacking I discovered that I *may* have too many scarves :o)  Does this deter me from stopping at looking at the pretty European scarves I see on my walks through the main shopping districts?  No.  Will it deter me from buying a few?  Probably not ;o)  While I do think you can have too many scarves, my solution will probably be to give away some of the ones I don't wear to make room for more in my collection!

And look at this cool little storage rack!  I think it's meant for shirts... but I'm using it for scarves and it's perfect.  Also, please note: some of those scarves are Jesse's winter scarves that he's never worn but refuses to let me toss ;o)

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