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Friday, July 15, 2011

Celebrating Four Fantastic Years

We're getting our party on a little early because I'll be spending our actual anniversary (the 28th) in the Ramstein Passenger Terminal battling it out for a flight home :o)

Four years.  Man, it's crazy!  Life with this guy sure has been an adventure!  Even more so than either of us would have imagined... especially lately ;o)  We're celebrating by spending 24 hours without our children... including a few leisurely meals out (hallelujah!) and a day trip to Trier tomorrow (one of Germany's oldest cities... jam packed with Roman leftovers!). 

And then we decided to spring for some World Cup tickets on Sunday night!  Since a friend's willing to spend the night here while the girls sleep... we get ANOTHER baby free night!  Super fun and relaxing weekend, good memories, time alone with my favorite guy in the whole wide world... yes please!

Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself... I can't believe how much fun my life is right now! 

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