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Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love Ruffle-Butts

I just love ruffles.

Especially when they're attached to Sammy-butts.

Speaking of Sammy, she is getting so big!  And it's funny... I can hardly call her Beefcake or Chunky-Monkey anymore!  She's doing that thin out and get tall thing that her big sis did at about the same age.  So while she's still hanging on to a few delicious little leg and arm rolls, she's a far cry from the chubba-wubba she once was!  

I'm sure it doesn't matter how many kids I have... I'll never get over how fast things change.  

One minute, chubby blob of floppy baby.

Next minute, playing piano.  Sheesh!


  1. . . . wait till the next minute they go off to school - - and graduate - - and get married - - and have adorable babies of their own!!!!

    sheesh is right!

  2. Thinking about them going off to school makes me cry. Giovanna starts Montessori in the fall. That makes me cry harder. Quick...let's go have more babies!!!

  3. LOL Hil. You can have more. I have enough babies of my own... for now ;o) No baby fever for me just yet!

    Mom, stop making us cry! And I love you.