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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pinto Bean-Oat Waffles

I tried a new recipe a friend shared with me this morning.  I'm getting into waffles lately (thanks Bethanne for giving me your spare waffle iron!) and I was totally excited to find such a hardcore healthy recipe!  Thanks Tristan for sharing on Facebook!

Pinto Bean-Oat Waffles:
2 1/4 cups water
1 1/2 cups rolled oats
1 cup soaked pinto beans
1 tablespoon oil (I used butter)
1 tablespoon sugar (optional)
1/2 teaspoon salt

Soak beans overnight.  Combine all ingredients and blend with a blender or food processor until light and fluffy.  Grease waffle iron and bake for a full eight minutes.  Top as you so desire.  Tips: soak extra beans and freeze them for later use.  You can substitute garbanzo beans.  

My notes:  Don't cook the beans.  I know, it seems weird.  I always thought that just soaked beans were still hard but I tasted one and it's totally edible ;o)  They give the waffles a nice nutty flavor and a little bit of a crunch... not to mention tons of fiber and protein!

I added cinnamon and vanilla to the batter because it seemed a little bland.  That was a good move.  Other flavorings might be good, too.

I didn't cook each one for *exactly* 8 minutes... but I can understand why you should.  The middle can be a bit gooey if you don't ;o) 

They got three thumbs up from the Aiduk girls and one shaky thumb up from the man.  He takes a bite... looks at me... and says, "uh, *what's* in these?" and by that he means to warn you that they do taste a bit "healthy" ;o)

So Lily's really into tearing up her food these days.  Toddlers.

I made a double batch and I'm really glad I did :o)  Though now I really feel like I need to go to Globus and get a 220V toaster... maybe I'll check RYS.  For now, it's all good cause we can just warm them up in the oven.  Takes forever, though.

Yes, definitely need a toaster if we're going to be a more frequent waffle-eating-family!


  1. So you really enjoyed them? Hmm.. I might definitely have to give these a try. Thanks! :)

  2. No seriously! They were good! And I love the simple ingredient list and prep... sometimes I feel like from-scratch waffles are a little time consuming to prepare. But these are the bomb! Do it ;o)

  3. Yay!! I saw the pic on your FB page and got super excited! I'm so glad that you are getting use out of it. We haven't gotten our waffle iron back out since we moved to ND! Eesh! Maybe I will try this recipe. So do you think you can use canned pinto beans and skip the soaking part? I kind of have an abundance, and am running out of ideas.

  4. lol. just had to tell you...James saw the title to this post and almost gagged. Glad to hear they weren't so bad!

  5. Bethanne, I don't know about the canned beans. My friend who shared it said she "made the mistake" of cooking her beans the first time. She didn't elaborate, but I'm guessing it didn't work out so good? I'm all for experimentin' though ;o)

    Jen, you tell James that he just needs to broaden his horizons ;o) You can't eat steak tips at EVERY MEAL after all!