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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Ocean and Me

In My Arms
by Jon Foreman

My Dear,
This is where
We'll shake the nightmare free

I dream
To hold you in my arms

Wide awake
In my arms...

I think I figured it out
We need to be together
Like the shore and the sea

We are not one thing
We're drawn here together
My ocean and me...

We sleep apart
For the last time
For the last time...

I used to sing this song to Sammy when she was still in my belly.  I was listening to it recently and it brought tears to my eyes... I just love my littlest little girl.  *sigh*

If you want Jon to sing it to you, here he is :o)


  1. How'd you hear about this guy? - Cassie

  2. Bethany introduced me to his stuff, but he's the lead singer for Switchfoot... I think ;o) I guess he branched out and did some solo stuff? But I love his Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall ep albums.

  3. Beautiful picture and song...as I was reading the words I was thinking how it'd be a great deployment song too.

  4. Gah! No talking about deployments! :o) They gave us a TON of deployment readiness info at Heartlink and I was tearing up just reading through it! I know it's going to be part of our life... just don't want to think about it yet. (Speaking of, did Adam get word on that?)