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Sunday, August 28, 2011

When in Rome: Really Rest on Sunday

afternoon coffee, originally uploaded by wallbouncin.
Although the Germans are not necessarily more religious than any other country I've been to, the Germans observe a true Sabbath rest on Sundays.  I'm not sure when it all started, but they definitely do it right.

Everything is closed on Sundays. Nothing is open except a few gas stations. There might be a bakery or restaurant open here or there, but they work less hours.

You must observe the "quiet hours" all day on Sundays and cannot do any loud yard work or other loud tasks.

They see it as very important to rest on Sundays.

I love it.

It was weird getting used to the idea at first. Not because I'm unfamiliar with resting on Sundays. But because it's been a long time since Sundays really truly felt restful! The temptation to fill Sunday to the brim (church, lunch out, then hanging out with friends till late) always makes me feel like I have to recover on Monday!  Sometimes I would even cram a trip to the grocery store in, just cause we'd be out and about! 

The Germans see Sundays as a time for family and friends, a nice walk or bike ride, a cold beer, a long nap, a good book.

You wouldn't believe how quiet the town is! Except for the beautiful ringing of the church bells, it's quiet. It's so peaceful.

I love partaking in this German tradition.  I could still fill Sundays up because everything on base is open, but I try not to.  I want to get back to feeling that Sundays are truly restful... worship together with our church family (still on the hunt) and then quality time with our own little family.

Happy Sunday!  I hope yours is restful.  I'm off to go enjoy a cup of tea and a phone call with my sister while the girls nap and Jesse plays video games :o)

PS the photo is from Jen's flickr page... you should check out her work!  (And yes, that's my kitchen)


  1. I get bored on Sundays...but I "rest" most other days.
    THANKS for the flickr love!

  2. I love how Germans rest, too. Unfortunately once Jesse gets on the floor Sundays will no longer feel like Sundays again :( Instead, Tuesday and Wednesday might be your Saturday and Sunday. lol. Gotta love the 21 OWS :p

  3. Thanks for the reminder - - it was timely! Of course, it helped that today was chilly, WINDY, and rainy (the perfect day to curl up and watch a movie then nap).

    I wish your blog had a like button . . . sometimes I just want to like something instead of posting longer!

    I love you - - can I start counting the days till you come home yet?????????

  4. I hear ya Jen... it often feels that the day we want to go "out" on the economy always ends up being Sunday :o)

    True Amber, true true true. Figures. As soon as I adjust to something it changes!

    Mommy, I love you. And you can just write "like" and I'll understand ;o) You *can* start counting down, if it makes you happy. Just remember it's a guess. But I plan to head to the USA on October 1st :o)

  5. I'm glad you brought some clarity to the picture. I kept thinking, "I know that's her cup and it looks like her kitchen...but what are these names in the captions?!" ;)Really, I did. -Cassie