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Monday, August 29, 2011

Plum Pie/Cake

Look what Lilo brought us yesterday!  Apparently her "relaxing Sunday activity" was to bake :o)  So here we have our very first homemade German plum cake. 

I thought it was a pie at first, but it's most definitely cake-y.  Isn't it gorgeous?  The first thing I said when she showed up outside my kitchen window and passed it to me was "BEAUTIFUL!"

The fruit is from the last of the trees in Lilo's garden.  They're a little bigger than the mirabellen plums and dark purple on the outside. 

I was surprised that the dessert was actually kind of tart and not sweet at all!  She said that some like to sprinkle sugar on top or eat it "with cream" (presumably whipped?).  Jesse ate his piece plain and I opted for some honey drizzled on top. 

It's very good!

I had some for breakfast this morning and I think I'll give the girls some, too.  Since it's not the typical sugar loaded devilry of a baked good that us Americans (me!) usually bake! ;o)  

I have the best little old German neighbor in the whole wide world!


  1. that looks *amazing* and incredibly time-consuming!

  2. Plums!! I've been wanting to make more with plums. I tried a few things that didn't work but plum jam is delicious!! Think Lilo will giver her recipe up? And if she does, do you think she can translate it into English? - Cassie

  3. Yes I'm SURE she would give up her recipe... and *fingers crossed* about the translation ;o) I am finding that I'm not too big a fan of plums, actually! At least these ones... the texture is a bit strange. But I just picked a bowl and I'm going to make a plum crisp this weekend. And then freeze some. Maybe I should try my hand at jam... hmmm...