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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And I Was Worried

Lily did the separation anxiety thing really big.  Really big.  Looking back, I think all the transitions of last year were to blame.  You can't expect to sign up for the Air Force, get pregnant with baby #2, move twice in four months, be separated from your husband for three months, and relocate across the country without it having any effect on your daughter. 

So when we were finally reunited in Mississippi, Lily wouldn't even let Jesse hold her without crying most days.  She was all about Momma.  She could barely get through a church service in the nursery... once they called me back because she was crying so hard she was gagging. 

I always had tons of anxiety about leaving her with babysitters because I knew she would be such a jerk.  A constantly crying baby is no fun for anyone!  Talk about high blood pressure! 

And then she was difficult with family.  When extended family came to visit and when we went to visit them, they had to work very hard to win her over... and even then she was still pretty Momma-only. 

But just like everyone said, separation anxiety is normal and healthy and shows your kid knows you love them and that you take good care of them.  And also, that it ends when it ends and there's nothing you can do about it.  

But despite the fact that Lily is now a perfectly friendly, happy toddler, I was still nervous about how Sam would treat Mark... and how she would adjust to all the extended family we'll be seeing over the next month.

She's funny because sometimes she seems to be in the separation anxiety stage, but sometimes she's fine.  She's not nearly as bad as Lily was, that's for sure!  But I was still nervous that she would shun her Grandpa and get really Momma-clingy.

Yesterday Mark was playing on the floor with the girls while I was working in the kitchen.  Lily bumped Sam on the head with a toy on accident and Sam frantically cried and crawled... to Grandpa!  She sat right in his lap and sucked her thumb! 

Apparently it's not going to be as bad as I thought.  Sometimes she still gives him that look that says "I'm only tolerating your presence" and sometimes she still gets whiny when she realizes I'm not in the room, but over all, she's being a friendly little granddaughter!

So to all the Grandmas out there who shared my anxiety that the girlies would play hard to get this month, fear not.  You can join me in a sigh of relief that they are easily won over by anyone who plays on the floor, gives them treats, does the tickle-monster, and generously hands out hugs and kisses :o) 



  1. ....I still get the go to hell look from Sam.

  2. . . . slightly relieved gramma in NY, but still a little worried . . . thanks Grandfatha for breaking the ice for the rest of us . . . hopefully it's not just the safety and comfort of familiar surroundings!

    LOVE YOU - can't wait to see you in less than a week!

  3. LOL Jen... she has her good days and bad days I guess. And apparently she has her favorite people and not-so-fave people ;o)

    Mom, like I said... fear not. XOXO