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Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Slider

I apologize for all the weird clicking sounds my camera lens is making during the videos lately.  I have to find a spare minute to check out my camera manual and see what's up with that. 

But ANYWAYS.  Lily was showing off last night... letting Grandpa know just how big she's getting.  She even kept up the sliding after she gave herself a bloody lip!  That's my tough cookie!

We had a lovely day yesterday.  Great church service at Frontline Community, followed by a trip to Ramstein base.  We got Dad-in-law his visitor ID for the next two weeks.  And I gave him a tour of the biggest BX in the world :o)  No really, it is!

We ate subs in the food court, exchanged some money at the bank, got some mini cigars, and got me a phone!  (Well, turned my old phone into a pay-as-you-go.) 

We got home and tossed the girls down for a long pm nap... then they played outside with Grandpa for a bit and then Momma cooked reuben sandwiches for dinner. 

(Don't get too excited Grandmothers... SJ is still barely sitting on her own, let alone standing well!  She kept trying to turn around and talk to me... she doesn't understand the "hold on with two hands" concept, yet.) 

After baby bedtime Dad and I tried to find the site Jesse uses to stream NFL for free, but as we were unsuccessful we decided to smoke cigars on the balcony while we waited for J to get home from work.  When he finally got home and got the game up and running, we got to watch the second half of the Patriots getting their butt kicked. 

Not a great night for Pats fans around the world, but at least we got to see it!

Today is Jesse's last day of work until after the girls and I leave.  Dad and I are going to walk down to the butcher shop down the road to get steaks for tomorrow night. 

Other adventures that might happen today:  Explore the Otterberg church.  Explore Globus. 

Fun fun fun! :o)


  1. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! I'm so glad but I miss you and you're not even gone yet. boo.

  2. I know! What are we going to do when I get back and then you leave shortly after! (Are you SURE you want to go home LOL?)