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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Jessica...

...while you were away, a few things changed around here.  First of all, I started setting much earlier.  This is what it looks like around 4:30pm.  Sorry... that's just how it is for me here.  On the bright side, I set directly across the hill from your living room now so you get lots of bright afternoon sunshine.  When I shine.
Try to remember that there is still beauty in every season... even the darker ones.

Love, the Sun

PS:  I'll be back in the Spring... and in the Summer you'll get to enjoy me until 11pm, remember?  Until then, snuggle up with some tea and a good book.  You'll do just fine.

(All the photos are by Jesse while I was gone.  Beautiful, eh?)


  1. Dear Jessica . . .
    Also remember in all of the darkness, that I came as a LIGHT in the darkness and that I love you in the midst of the darkness! I am also creating all that beauty in the sunsets . . .
    with love,
    The SON (of God)

  2. Aww so true, so true. Thanks Mom!