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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Enough is Enough

I have to start waking up early again.

There's no way I can keep functioning like this.  I know it's only been a week and a half since we've been home, but I feel like our life is a mess.  I'm behind on chores, I'm not planning out my cooking enough, and I'm not reading at all... which is killing me.  Oh, and forget blogging regularly ;o)

Seriously, I hate to have to do it, but I need to start setting my alarm for 5am again.  I need those few precious hours in the morning to leisurely sip a cup of coffee... to read scripture and talk to my Father.  To read a book.  To have some "me time".  Momma needs that.  Or Momma gets cranky.

Not having time alone (specifically with God but also just with myself!) means Momma's not happy... which makes the whole family miserable. 

I'm easily angry with myself for being behind on housework or to-do lists or errands... then I have less time to play with the girls... which makes me feel like a bad Momma AND makes them cranky cause they're attention-deprived... which makes me even more cranky...

...which (as you can imagine) makes for a really happy home when Jesse gets back from work.  Not. 

So that does it.  Tomorrow I'm up early.  I know that our old routine will naturally fall back into place once I get that main thing set in order again... time to reclaim the mornings!  I need to bring back the balance to our life before the busy holiday season.  And that (for me) is the best way to do it! 


  1. after the whirlwind trip you just took with the littles its easy to understand re-entry taking a bit of time (just the part about traveling space-a would put me down for a month!!! your plan to "reclaim the mornings" is inspiring...X0X0X0X0 (cease and desist order re:anger at self ;)

  2. Praying for you!!! I desperately need that too but my alarm wakes up my little man so I haven't it out yet. However time with God and with just us is so necessary and it's the first thing that goes.

  3. Yep. Besides regular exercise, getting up early is the thing that keeps me sane as a Mom of two. And a wife. And a person ;o) And since I'm not working regular exercise in, yet, I'm pretty sure mornings are the way to go. They're cozier anyways!

  4. Ohmygosh. We are one in the same. How did today go? I start tomorrow. Wish I could get a 5am call from you again. ;)