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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday Festivities

This video is long and boring unless you're a grandparent.  But they eat this stuff up ;o)

It never gets old... watching a kid completely ignore her presents while she excitedly plays with the wrapping or the box.  I love it.  Really reminds me to keep things simple because they could obviously care less about the bells and whistles.  Why spend a ton of money on a kid who will happily eat paper?

Speaking of spending money... all of these presents are from Samantha's generous grandparents.  The only thing we got her for her birthday was a carseat.  Good thing she has cool grandparents cause her parents are decidedly boring in this year's birthday gift department!  Don't worry, she's got some good stuff coming at Christmas from us.

Happy birthday Samantha Jordan Aiduk!  I love you so so so much!

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  1. yuuummmmmm - strawberry, vanilla, choco paper!
    wish i'd thot of that!
    she is sooooo big already...Lilbear is so cute helping momma with Sam's calorie intake!!!
    thanks for the clip- fastest 3 minutes of my day!
    [and just wondering---where was JD for the paper eating feast? :]

  2. happy day after birthday Samajo!
    and the vid is NOT boring :]

  3. Hehe he was on the couch (messing on the iPad I think). We were all done opening gifts and the girls were just playing. And I personally think the video is half funny/half boring and I'm their Mom ;o)

  4. the video isn't boring for us gramma-types and if you don't like it, post more funner ones! (like didn't you take any video about eating her pumpkin bread b-day cake?!?)