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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Disadvantage of Sharing a Room with Your Big Sis

The girls usually wake up around 8am.  I think.  This is at least the time I can hear the pitter pat of Lily's feet across the kitchen ceiling.  But since they seem to have a good time "playing" together and I know Sam is relatively safe in the crib, I usually leave them for a half hour while I finish up online and get myself dressed for the day.  They don't mind. 

When I finally do come to get them, this is what I've been seeing lately: Lily chillin' on her bed with all her blankets, stuffed animals, and toys missing...

...and Samantha.  With every toy, book, and stuffed animal that Lily can squeeze through the crib slats OR throw over the top! 

See the little empty space in the bottom left corner?  That's where I found Sam laying down "resting" from playtime when I came up this particular morning.  She was up and whiny by the time I got back with the camera, though ;o)  Poor kid.

So my Momma-dilemma here is whether or not my youngest is safe from my oldest.  You can't see it really well in any of these pictures, but there's an antique desk right next to the crib and this is most definitely where Lily stands to throw things into Sammy's crib.

And while I know LJ means well, I'm wondering if she hits Sam in the head with things, you know?  Like those books?  Or that box that the books usually go in? 

So I thought about moving the desk so Lily at least can't throw from a height.  But I can't.  They enjoy it too much :o)  I can't take away from them the precious moments I've caught where I come in and see them sitting reading and giggling together... Lily in the desk and Sam (with a book given by her big Sis) sitting next to her in the crib. 

So despite the fact that Sam may or may not get a bonk on the head here and there, I'm sure she'll be fine.  And I think the benefit of them getting some morning playtime in with just the two of them outweighs the possible concussion.  Just kidding, I'm praying she doesn't get hurt that bad!  But given the fact that this has been going on for weeks and everyone seems fine, I'm just going to let my kids be kids up there.  My default is to be a control freak about everything, so I'm going to let go on this one.

I am, however, running a naptime experiment that seems to be working.  Lily is napping in a pack 'n play in the corner of the room.  Ever since I tried this last week, they've both gone back to taking a 2.5 hour nap each afternoon.  PRAISE THE LORD! 

Maybe Lily's "nap strike" was just a weird phase, but I'm keeping her in the pack 'n play until she's back in the nap routine.  Because Momma needs Lily to keep napping!  And so does Sammy, if they're going to be sharing a room at naptime ;o)  Because as much as Sam doesn't care about having toys dropped on her head each morning, she wasn't really getting rest in the afternoon. 

Problem solved.  For now.

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  1. these girls are too funny! no wonder Lilbear is laying down on her bed when you find her- she's exhausted from all the labor of filling up sissy's crib!