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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventures in Deutsch: Board Book Confusion

Grandma and Grandpa Williams (Jesse's grandparents from Florida) sent some birthday money awhile back (eh, on the girls' birthdays!) and I finally decided on two new board books.  I went with two German ones from Globus because Aunt Cassie got them an Eric Carle book in German and we love reading it together. 

So in the spirit of exposing us all to as much German as possible, I picked two "matching" books for the girls and continued on with my shopping.

"Uh, Momma?  I don't understand this book..."

"I know, Baby, it's in German."

"No Momma, she's right.  Something else is amiss here..."

"...what's a pacifier?"

Hehe, oops.  Apparently I grabbed two related books about a boy and a girl who are preschoolers still using pacifiers.  But my girls never used paci's so not only will none of us ever truly understand these books because of the language, but the two of them will look at me with blank stares when I cheer "Yay Jakob gave up his paci like a big boy!"

Moral of the story:  Take your pocket dictionary with you when picking out children's books in another language. 

Sickness update - Jesse's still feeling icky but the girls have it the worst.  This picture pretty adequately describes it... they just feel terrible.  Lily is especially out of it today because of her congestion.  Both of them were up a lot coughing the past two nights... but I think they got a little bit better sleep last night.  And thankfully they are both napping well this afternoon (not the case yesterday).  

I'm really thankful that I'm not sick... but even so, nothing tests my patience more than sick children.  I know they're sick and I know what that feels like but for some reason I just can't stand the whining!  Lily is especially bad at being sick.  

As I listen to her whine, cry, and whimper, though, it hits me: ohmygosh she's exactly like me.  I'm a terrible sick person!  No one wants to be around me when I'm sick because of how miserable I make everyone.  So I'm just praying for the strength to give out extra snuggles instead of extra scoldings... cause I totally get it.  And maybe I'm declaring every day pajama day until the get better and maybe I'm counting down till their bedtime, but I am trying really hard to be a loving Mommy to my sick girls.

I can't wait to have them happy and healthy again!


  1. too funny! Esp. that it was a difference in experience not language that they won't "get." We received a baby's first hallmark ornament that has a bottle and a paci...kinda makes me cringe every time for the same reasons: we just don't relate!

  2. Exactly! PS I think we have the same ornament. Does that mean your middle is the same age as my oldest?