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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Four Days of Fun with Tyler

Kyle and Amber decided that their romantic post-deployment getaway to Venice would be more romantic without their two sons.  Totally understandable ;o)  So we have Tyler and his little brother Dylan is with some other friends. 

As I usually find when watching other kids:  it's a win-win-win situation.  Win for the parents - Amber has babysat for me more times than I can count so I owe her BIG TIME.  Win for the kids - both my girls seem to enjoy the extra playmate.  Win for me - because my kids enjoy the extra playmate, I feel like I have less entertaining to do! 

Oh wait, and there's another win - Jesse likes the extra kid movies... okay fiiiiiine I like them, too ;o)  Since Tyler will actually sit and watch a whole feature film, we've already cranked out Toy Story 1 and 2.  Lily won't watch them (all the way through) and so during the girls naptime, Tyler and Jesse and I get movie time!  And yes, we're using Tyler as an excuse to watch more Pixar.  Don't judge!

Completely unrelated note (except for the fact that this is my blog and Sam is one of the star characters) Samantha is saying three words now: "hi", "bye", and "book"... but book is less common and sounds more like book without the k.  But still!  I have a feeling she'll be talking much sooner than her big sis.

Which doesn't surprise anyone cause one of her nicknames is Chatty Cathy after all.  When she doesn't feel like saying hi or bye, she waves her hand back and forth like a fish.  It's pretty cute. 

And no, she's still not actually walking, yet.  What a tease!

Lily calls Tyler "Tya" and she alternates between actively playing with him, cautiously watching him from the sidelines, stealing his cool toys (electronic fun stuff like a toy camera that has a game on it), and crying when he's playing with her toys.  But all in all she likes the guy ;o) 

My favorite part about Ty is that he says "excuse me" in the most adorable little four-year-old way.  He's very talkative but I think it's super fun and super hilarious.  Four-year-olds are cool.  I can't wait till I have one around! 

I'm so thankful to provide my friend with some time away from her kids.  She definitely deserves it.  I mean, every Momma deserves an occasional getaway... but after almost 7 months flying solo, she's my hero and I'm happy to have her kid talk my ear off for the rest of the week!  As long as he's quiet while we watch Finding Nemo.  What?  I haven't seen it in awhile! ;o) 

Also unrelated to babysitting but can we talk about my stupid Target slippers?  I can't wait till winter is over so I can throw them off a cliff... or in the garbage can.  I am very disappointed with how they've held up compared to how much I spent on them.  And yes those are grease stains... apparently my feet take a beating when I cook.  Who knew? 

And yes I had to cut the strings that used to be in cute little bows but now are in dorky little knots.  Apparently Samantha couldn't resist pulling on them and then they wouldn't stay tied.  And they aren't very cushion-y anymore.  And they stink.  I guess this is what happens when you wear them every waking hour you're at home?  My dilemma for next winter will be whether I should just pay for cheap cheap cheap slippers since they don't usually last even when you pay $20... or should I spring for a reeeeealy nice (and probably more than $20) pair in hopes that they will withstand all I put them through?  And not stink?  And last more than one winter? 

Anyone have thoughts on that?  Do you have slippers that have lasted?  Or do I just have to buy a new pair every year? 

Jessica, signing off ;o)


  1. http://www.minnetonkamoccasin.com/CatalogMocsClogs.asp

    I am going to ask for minnetonka's for my birthday. I had never heard of them until my SIL (to be) was wearing them one day. She said they're as comfortable as slippers, but with a rubber sole so you can get more use out of them than just indoor. After a year of daily use, hers looked great and she said they held up just fine. I linked to the official site, but they're a lot cheaper other places (duh). I want the "suede skimmer moc" probably...though the kilty is cute too...

  2. Thanks for the link Mira! I pinned that sucker so I won't forget about them by next winter ;o)

  3. I buy or get as gifts LLbean sheepskin 'Wicked Good' slippers and they definitely last a couple of years. Mine tend to last a little less, because I wear them even in the summertime, but you can even return them after they wear out and they will give you a new pair (yay Lifetime Warranty!). They are a little expensive - about $60 or more dollars - but totally worth it.

    Oh and PS could we maybe Skype next weekend?


  4. Thanks for the tip Caitlin... they look so comfy! And let me check my schedule for next weekend and get back to you.