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Friday, January 20, 2012

Taking Good Care of Our Chompers

They each got a new toothbrush for Christmas (Sammy's first!) 

Sam can be a tad messy when it's her turn and messes always bug Lily... so she likes to be armed and ready with the washcloth ;o)  

Yes my babies are sitting on the kitchen counter.  It's easier that way and it's also really helpful for me to have the toothbrushes in the kitchen because then I'm less likely to forget before bed.  You know how it is... you get in "go go go it's almost bedtime" mode and you scurry about picking up toys and hustling kids upstairs so you can FINALLY get some adult time... and by the time you realized you forgot to brush their teeth it's too late.  

Here's to sparkling pearly whites!  

May they be clean and strong and healthy despite forgetful and rushed Mommas :o)


  1. You must've been reading my mind! I keep forgetting to brush SM's teeth before he goes to bed!! Oh, and I was curious what kind of toothpaste you use for the little ones? I just looked at the back of the oragel toothpaste and wasn't too thrilled with it.

  2. I know. I found a kid's colgate in the commissary that is fluoride free... but I don't know what most of the other nine ingredients are (besides water) and it doesn't make me feel great about it. But I haven't done much research yet in the area of natural toothpaste options, so for now I just grab what I hope is the best option of the choices I have!