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Monday, January 16, 2012

That's One Tough Patriots Fan

Sorry Tom Terrific Brady... the Aiduk girls just aren't devoted enough to watch a game that starts at 2am in Germany.

We did, however, show our support at church the next day.  GO PATS! 

This is the best "tough girl" she can come up with.  Isn't she intimidating?

Wait till you see her "game growl" in this video:

Jesse has a little work to do if he's going to turn this house full of girls into true football fans.  It would help if we could watch the games at normal hours ;o)  Makes me miss Mississippi when we paid 8 million bucks for the NFL package but we got to sit and snuggle on Sunday afternoons.  I love that.  

Sunday afternoon football.  One of the silly things I miss about America :o) 

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  1. sorry Jess, but your teeny-tiny 2-year-old is never going to be a "tough" Pat's fan - - she might wear all the gear possible, but she'll never be anything but a "cute" Patriot's fan!